Babylon's Garden Can - Grease Monkey (1/8th)


Since 2011, Babylon's Garden has been known to have some of the most exotic strains of cannabis in the world.  Now we package those strains in our nitrogen sealed cans!  #LookForTheLion

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5 stars

this is a unique but GREAT STRAIN

So I have most of the flower from Babylon garden(except sativa sir sativa dominant hybrids) and I loved most of them! This is one GREAT ONE! this one is not only beautiful and frosty, but also super delicious and the strength was actually very very strong. I have a high tolerance and 2-3 SMALL BOWLS, that are a third of my normal size bowls, and the grease monkey needed 3 SMALL BOWLS, and 3 of my small bowls is one normal bowl, and it gave me a good high but with other strains I would need 3-5 large bowls! That’s how high my tolerance is lol, BUT this bud got me high AF with way less bud than I usually smoke. If you have not tried this DEFINITELY do try it :)
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