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Canada Wide Mail Order, BC - Delivery Only

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Canada Wide Mail Order Delivery - Emerald Health Botanicals

About Us

Based in British Columbia and federally licensed under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), we cultivate high-quality, regulated medical cannabis using proven and standardized growing methods while applying our research capabilities to discover potential medicinal benefits of cannabis for the future. Emerald Health Botanicals is a Canadian company based in British Columbia. Our team of professionals are passionate about helping people — patients, physicians and the community — by offering pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis and supporting education.

Emerald Health Botanicals is a Victoria Medical Marijuana Licensed Producer


Emerald Health Botanicals leads the charge in medical marijuana research, cultivation, and distribution through its British Columbia-based team. Dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality, regulated cannabis therapies, Emerald Health Botanicals strives to lead the licensed producer market through high standards and professionalism.


History: The founding team of Emerald Health Botanicals combines more than 60 years of cultivation, extraction, and medical knowledge to provide top-quality cannabis for its patients. The British Columbia-based licensed producer is proud to operate under the ACMPR and serve suffering individuals in British Columbia and across Canada. The Emerald Health Botanicals staff draws on its expertise to develop new plant genetics and tease the most direct and efficient healing out of Emerald Health’s cannabis. Emerald Health Botanicals is a proud recipient of a federal research grant and devotes substantial resources toward paving the way for new, more effective cannabis research and remedies. Across Victoria, British Columbia and all Canada’s provinces, Emerald Health Botanicals offers the mail-order delivery of its pristinely crafted medical marijuana therapies.



The cultivation and extraction team behind Emerald Health Botanicals places special care into every cut of its cannabis. The cultivars in Emerald’s medical marijuana selection include Cannatonic, Emperor Jack, OG Diesel, and higher CBD options such as Island Mist. Alternatively, patients in Victoria and beyond can select from Emerald Health Botanical’s cleanly extracted and professionally formulated cannabis oils. These oils are available in high-CBD and high-THC concentrations, as well as ratios everywhere in between. Per Canada regulations, all medical cannabis available through Emerald Health Botanicals’ mail-order delivery service undergoes stringent lab testing for quality assurance.



To register with Emerald Health Botanical’s mail order delivery program, patients must first receive an authorization for medical cannabis use from their physician. Once the approval has been submitted to Health Canada, patients simply register online with Emerald Health Botanicals and indicate the organization as their designated licensed producer. Patients in Victoria, British Columbia and throughout Canada can enjoy mail-ordered medicinal marijuana delivered directly to their home address.


Service Locations:

Emerald Health Botanicals distributes its cannabis remedies to patients nationwide thanks to their speedy, efficient delivery system. Residents in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, and Kelowna, can safely access Emerald Health’s medical marijuana. The mail-order delivery system transports to McBride, Nelson, Cranbrook, and Prince George patients. Emerald Health Botanicals delivers to Abbotsford, Kitimat, Surrey, and Richmond with speedy, compassionate care. From Port Coquitlam to Burnaby, Emerald Health Botanicals provides mail-order medicinal cannabis to patients across Canada’s provinces.

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January 16th, 2016

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