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4.6 stars

Bunk Cali Gold edibles

I split with a friend a 400mg Cali Gold live resin Strawberry gummy gems. At 20 gems per bag, they are suppose to be ~20mg a piece. With my ten, I ate two of them Friday evening and didn't feel a thing. Yesterday, Sunday, decided to try more. Had a friend with no tolerance at all to take two and he didn't feel a thing either. I took the remaining 6 of them at the same time yesterday and felt absolutely nothing. I'm a little peeved that allegedly 120mg did nothing for me. I'm sure the seller isn't the problem but I don't like that some of his products aren't as advertised. I'd skip and not waste your $80 and time on the Cali Gold.

Very Dope

Great place! I called and placed my order after looking at the menu online and both the prices and quality are on par or better with the best recreational products I buy in Massachusetts. The delivery driver met me at a brewery 20 minutes after my call, and everyone I spoke to was friendly and professional. 10/10 will visit again

Excellent service!

I have been using these guys for a few months and my experience has been nothing but amazing. Great varying selection of products to choose from while keeping the quality top notch. Staff is always quick to reply and they show up on time with a great professional attitude. I really appreciate the folks over at Elevation and I thank them for taking such great care with their business. Thank You!

Excellent service

Provided fast and efficient service, they were amazing.

Dissapointed to a degree

I dont want to knock this company entirely because i have known them since they first opened and i understand how hard they do work. Dont get me wrong they do have some very good products..and some that are just meehhh. But this is subjective. There are people who are experienced with cannabis who will agree and those who will just say "omg dude this stuffs some fire brooo" and in reality it could be some doo doo. Now the real reason im writing this review is to make it aware that i was purchasing vape carts. Lots and lots of moneys spent on these so called "premium thc vape cartridges". Recently i discovered all of there TKO Extract Vape products have been removed from their menu. The reason this makes me so upset is the fact i was being sold counterfeit thc vape carts. Yes im aware that i should have done more research before purchasing the product...shame on me right? Its the simple fact of having all these great experiences with the company and becoming such a regular customer that you trust them so much, you would never suspect even to think you were being sold anything fake. Like i said i dont want to knock this company because they truly are great people i just hope they are able to live up to the standard they have worked so hard to build for themselves. Have a good day and i wish the best of luck to you guys.
Elevation 207
Portland, ME
I understand your concern and If you have a minute to call us we would be very grateful to explain the situation at hand. We have all of our products tested by a reputable local lab and would never offer anything that is "fake" or a low THC content. The only reason those specific carts were removed from the menu was due to the controversy online and to avoid having anyone feel mislead or wronged .The packaging was not accurate and that specific company is not Maine based, had we known this ahead of time we wouldn’t have offered them just due to the ethical factor only. However, we were under the impression that it was our local suppliers personal brand. The distillate however was made here in Maine and as stated earlier, every single product we offer is tested. We do apologize on behalf of the packaging but we do stand 100% by the distillate itself. The distillate was tested and is completely accurate to the description you read or were told by us. Again, we please ask you to call us and allow us the opportunity to address all your concerns and give you peace of mind that we are still the company that lives up to a very high standard.
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So great!

Tried them for the first time tonight, and I’m beyond thrilled with the experience. It was super easy to order, the delivery was very quick, and the pre-rolls I bought are great!

Excellent edibles & generous portions

One can always count on Elevation. the flower is always solid and they back that bag. The edibles are dreamy. Those rice krispies squares take me to another dimension!

Portland ‘s Best Delivery Service

I have been ordering from elevation for almost a year now and not once have I been disappointed!!!! Great customer service and brilliant products

Denver quality for Maine prices

Found a seed. The flower also had a slightly off-putting odor to it; I've smelt it before over the years. I think it's from electric drying or poor storage/curing. The plastic bag the buds came sealed in don't help either, and squished the buds together. Besides that, the buds looked good and broke up well, lots of kief. Trim job was average, had to pick a few stems out of my grinder. They have consistent hours (I bought on a Sunday night) and quick response & delivery times.
Elevation 207
Portland, ME
I want to start by apologizing for the delayed response to your review. We are also very sorry to hear about your less than perfect experience with us and would love to make it right for you. If ever you are unhappy with any product of ours please give us a call and we would be happy to exchange or refund you. As it is, call us and ask to speak with the owners (we are always available) and we'd be happy to make this up to you!
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Mids at best

Looks good, smells good, but the high 50%of the time is low.

Great products quick delivery

Visiting family In Maine and I have to say I’m impressed with your service. Second order this week!!

Great company

Excellent quality product and professional service. The best delivery service by far

Costs 30%-50% more (depending on volume)

Get a card and stop getting ripped off here.

decent mids for this area

their bud is ok, nothing to write home about but good in a pinch. I like their phone people. drivers do take a long time to get you squared away but in the end you get high.

Great people, great service, great company

My first time buying from Elevation 207 could not have been more pleasant. In addition to the instant text communication from WeedMaps, I received a text directly from an Elevation employee confirming my order and working out details to meet up. They were flexible and easy to deal with, and the delivery driver Will (and his kickass dog) were promptly on time (beat me by a minute or two) and he was very polite and professional. The entire process couldn't have been more pleasant, the only room for improvement would've been less of a time delay between order and delivery but I can hardly fault Elevation for that as I'm sure staffing vs demand is a difficult formula to crack in this business; not to mention I zipped by nearby Austin Street for a couple beers during the wait so it wasn't time wasted. Anyways, don't hesitate to order from Elevation 207, they are a professional outfit that is obviously committed to customer satisfaction.

Amazing experience!

We were traveling in the area and we’ve had a super experience doing business with them. Accommodating, on time (even early) and a decent product. 5 stars! We definitely recommend them. Thank you for everything!


The nitrogen sealed bud is so awesome... I recommend everyone give it a try... Preroll Dankwoods are potent as hell... Ty......

Easy and loved everything

Delivery = bonus One of the easiest and best experiences. Loved everything. Thank you! Coming back!

The Best By Far

Reliable and friendly. Top-notch product. Pricey? I guess. Ever bought a vape cartridge at a store in Massachusetts? More expensive and not nearly the quality.

Fast and friendly

Have ordered twice and been blown away by the product quality and the delivery service. Both times it's gotten to me in well under an hour with clear communication from the driver with an ETA.