100mg CBD Trokie Lozenge

Product description

10mg CBD per Serving . 100mg CBD per package 

Dissolve your symptoms away. Fast. Patented Trokie lozenges give you a trifecta of advantages: Rapid Onset. Long Duration. and Discreet Usage.  Trokie Lozenges deliver a reliable and consistent dose of CBD that can effect in as little as 5 minutes and last up 8 hours. 

How to use the Trokie Lozenge: To benefit from the "full effect" of a Trokie lozenge, place the desired dose between your lip and upper gum. 

New Formulation: even better reults and taste. 

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2 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars

Best Cbd with no THC

This worked immediately on my husband who can’t use THC due to work . He needs a shoulder replacement and has anxiety with the pain and this relaxed him and helped his inflammation and pain for hours. Also relaxed him within a half hour .
11 months ago
5 stars

Great product

For me, this product helps with a multitude of symptoms, a lot of them probably stem from anxiety. This is one of the best cbd products I've used and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from mild pain or anxiety or insomnia. Everything I've used from this brand has been impressive.
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