1:1 (CBD-THC) + 15mg Melatonin Trokie Lozenge-CA

Product description

5mg CBD and 5mg THC per Serving . 50mg CBD and 50mg THC per package 

 1.5mg Melatonin per serving . 15mg Melatonin per serving

Dissolve your symptoms away. Fast. Patented Trokie lozenges give you a trifecta of advantages: Rapid Onset. Long Duration. and Discreet Usage.  Trokie Lozenges deliver a reliable and consistent dose of THC that can effect in as little as 5 minutes and last up 8 hours. This high CBD blend delivers a relaxing and releiving effect.

How to use the Trokie Lozenge: To benefit from the "full effect" of a Trokie lozenge, place the desired dose between your lip and upper gum. 

New Formulation: even better reults and taste.

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1 review

6 months ago
5 stars

Love a goodnight sleep

I was a little apprehensive, I don’t know why I have taken sleeping aids before. But this this product!! Ohhhweee hands down one of the beat sleeping aids I have taken! I give props to the person who invented this thank you so very much! Thank you for a great night sleep no hangover in the morning felt so good 😊 I was out within 20 minutes I could not even keep my eyes open it was so great!! I do recommend that you’re close to bed when you take this don’t be far away from your bed or otherwise you’ll be sleeping on the couch.
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