J-27 *Fresh Batch* $130 OZ THC: 27%

J-27 is a pure and very strong sativa marijuana strain with impressive levels of THC reaching up to 27% in some tests. Bringing users a typical combination of uplifting and energizing effects, J-27 is a great strain for more experienced marijuana users. Although the exact genetics of this 100% sativa strain is unknown, it is believed that J-27 is an offspring of the iconic Jack Herer marijuana strain. This rare sativa strain grows quite large, green buds that are nicely sprinkled with fiery orange pistils. J-27 offers a delicious citrus aroma that makes people literally craving for it. Some more experienced marijuana users may also detect a hint of pine on the exhale when smoking this sativa strain, but it’s extremely delicate and hard to note by someone with a not very sensitive sense of smell and taste.

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