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4.3 stars

Your patience/understanding might be rewarded

Had a mishap with my late night order. The driver was apologetic for the oversight and threw in a good amount of goodies that compensated for the miscommunication first thing in the morning. I must note I was not rude because I understand stuff happens, and I remember a time where I used to have to drive for my weed. I would suggest ordering when you are low and not when you are dry AF. Overall happy!


i got the dank cartridge diamond og and it was tasty and strong af,100% legit i checked around i got confirmation, thanks for saving my day guys good service as always.

rip off, weigh your weed

tell me how I order specifically a gram of 20$ kanna kartel wax and a gram of weed and they give me 20/20 brown wax and on top of that it was dry weed. I got a .8 I get that it's a 10$ gram but it's not what I ordered and it wasnt the first time

amzaing products

products always fire

my experience

M first experience from Douja was when I ordered the Platinum Cookie. Driver was on point and the package looked just right👍🏼.. 2nd time I order the Durban sherbert, a different driver came. package took a good 70 minutes to arrive and looked NOTHING like the picture/advertisement. wasn't too good


On time. Professional. Great quality.

Don't Reccomend This Cheapass Dank Vape

So I bought this cart and I had it for a long time because it wasn't very that tasteful. Anyways, I've been saving it for quite awhile but I was still smoking it. As is today when I had only a small amount of it, I use my lighter to use the heat of the flame to melt down the liquid. Little did I know, I've seen that the cart was melting as well. So I started wondering in my mind saying "this cart is not even made out of glass... its fuckin plastic..". You guys sold me something cheap and that is false advertisement. I reccomend you guys to not get this cart. No wonder it has a bad taste!

Fake Never Showed up or called back

Sent them my personal information, everything they asked me for. Gave them my order two hours later they acted like they were waiting for me for my order. I gave them my order again, this is two hours later, I am still waiting. I believe I’ll get my second delivery before these guys get back to me on my first order. 4+ hours and mind games. Lame!! - SOCAL KINGS COLLECTIVE HOOKED ME UP, fast and have me dank!

Was good until.

Been ordering from this company for a while, everything used to be good im not sure what happened but now everytime I call they answer very rude, they talk like they're your friends and a couple days ago I bough a cardtridge only to find out aomeone used it. Reason I know someone used it is because I have been ordering the same cardtridge for a while and this one was low on oil. then the driver always wants to meet up and not drop off even though im spending 80$ and up. Last time I order from here. Becarful everyone.

always reliable

hi its raquel coming threw with a legit review. douja meds is reliable and friendly. they always deliver on time and give you a right eta. thank you soo much douja family

Totally worth it

I usually go into delivery services expecting the worst, but this place totally shocked me, great service, fast, chill guy and knowledgeable. Oh yeah and the most important part flower was great. Taste, smell, all there for me. This my new go to place for bud and carts.

one of the best shops around

douja is always there to save the day they always are on time and always keep me updated the flower is always dank and the wax is amazing and fire thank you guys 🔥

what the f

Wow never again ..never even got the bud and cant even put my trust on you guys to deliver ... you guys may have a lot of clients to feel that other clients is not worth it ... I'll make sure to refer people to other delivery services...had me awaiting wtf.. thank God I saw the review for the popcorn😅

alot has changed

really bummed with my recent purchase. i used to go to u guys all the time for great deals. the popcorn nugs of mad man og taste awful. definetly not the same weed i picked up awhile back. the trimming is awful on this one which is not even stated and its very dry. looks nothing like your picture. the kk wax i picked up as well is not the greatest. doesnt even give a head change and its more of a crumble than even being a shatter and u can definitely tell whoever made it, did not make it right. the customer service used to be amazing and now its a short brief text that usually takes over 10 mins to get a respnse back. an updated menu is also reccomended as it makes ordering difficult. alot has gone down hill and its too bad because u guys were my fav.


I've been a Loyal customer for a bit now. they have NEVER let me down. Great service, Great Product. Totally recommend!


wow they're concentrates are FIRE and the prices are unbeatable. yes takes a while for delivery but well worth the wait.

I like this shop no hassle at all straight to the piont and weed was good for a good price too i would recommend it to people for sure


the best shop in the valley, the drivers are always chill and friendly! douja never disappoints

My to go spot for life

If you’re tired of getting ripped off by other services call this place they have all the products that our hard earned cash can and won’t be a waste they have super Flower even all sorts of waxes crumbles vape pens batts for the real patients and the prices are unbeatable so if you ain’t down with the Douja Meds than I have pity for you

Fire!!!! Dank as always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Quick chill and a variety of good flower carts and edibles you name it they got it its danky stanky. Friend ordered took a hit and saw a dragon fire lmao. 😂😂😂 Recommend. Getting a Stiizy myself.🔥🔥🔥