Critical Jack is a well-balanced, 50/50 hybrid strain of cannabis, that can occasionally lean to the Sativa side depending on the individual grower.   Critical Jack is now widely popular throughout California and much of the West Coast and has the potential, with its full-bodied appearance and robust trichomes, to compete with the best cannabis strains out there. One can expect to feel good for about two hours and experience an uplifting sensation in the head with a delayed and muted effect in the body. Use 1-2 puffs and a cerebral buzz kicks in (with slight warmth in the upper and lower extremities). Creativity, functionality and focus are abundant. With 3-4 puffs thoughts will drift to and fro and land where you direct them. If you desire sleep, pain relief or freedom from your depression, think it and so it will be.   Genetics: In its true form its a cross between Critical Plus and Jack Herer   Smell: lemony that hits right away followed by the sweet floral aroma - The floral undernotes often arrise only when the bud is crumbled by hand or crushed in the grinder.    Cannabinoids: THC18-20%   

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