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Canada Wide Mail Order, QC - Delivery Only

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Canada Wide Mail Order Delivery - DankGas Medicinal

First-Time Patients

New Patients - E Mail us for anything / anytime we are here to provide a service and going above and beyond for our customers is exactly what we do!


Senior Discounts 65+

2018 4:20 we are now offering $4.20/gram on all Indica Flower! E Mail for details


Canada-Wide Shipping 

New Delivery Areas: Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows. 

Coming Soon Delivery: Kitsilano 

About Us

DankGas Medicinal is the "Hub" to top quality Cannabis products. We implement many different environmental friendly protocols to ensure we are a sustainable company.

At DankGas Medicinal we strive for providing a true Cannabis experience. We have created a new program that separates us from the average Cannabis Clinic and that’s our “Stock to Smoker” concept.  The “Stock to Smoker” concept meaning: DankGas staff have a quality and temperature control environment for processing orders. The Cannabis hangs in a 30day curing room that is cooled to create a specific Dank environment. Having a hang dried cannabis product means you have all the goodness that the stock holds during harvest leaching into your "dank" and or "gas" like product. Every flower product we have on our menu is hand clipped for all orders.  This is truly off the Stock and to the Smoker or Consumer. This curing process is implemented throughout all our products @ dankgas medicinal. 


In 2018 DankGas has implemented specific techniques to become a fully sustainable company. We use every part of the cannabis plant; from concentrates, to edibles, to flower, to cultivation we Do Not waste any of the cannabis plant. We also now have a full composting program where we are reusing the waste in a great compost solution. This solution keeps us running strong and eliminates synthetic nutrients. Instead we use our own blend of “super soils” and all natural additives that create a taste and aroma you will not get anywhere else!


Stay tuned into 2018/2019 and WHY?

Throughout the year DankGas Medicinal will work on providing more natural choice medicines. These types of holistic products will come from our background in the "Natural Healing" industry.  DankGas will become a recognized brand throughout the year; in 2018 we had the opportunity to work with the well-recognized University of British Columbia.  We are developing new safety procedures like HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) which enables us to keep up to date and raise the bar for others to follow. We as a true Canadian company have knowledge working with Federal Inspectors; Having a core-group with such versatile knowledge helps us grow fast and keep inline with the fast pace Cannabis Industry. 


CBD / THC Pain Management Honey


Honey Benefits

GMO Free Honey contains nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, antibacterial, and antifungal properties making it known around the world for its medical and therapeutic effects. Our products have some of the highest pollen counts in the world. Coming from Okanagan Valley and Fraser Valley our Honey has local pollens that we inhale day-to-day making it a local medicinal honey.

Clear Distillate vs. Alcohol Tincture

The product we use to infuse our Honey comes from an alcohol free clear distillate that has a lab test of 93% THC (the last test came in at 94.7% THC level) due to the CFIA requirements we are only eligible to present our lowest test level. Our clear distillate is 100% alcohol free unlike the alcohol tinctures that are on the market. These tinctures are cut with 150% proof alcohol and then left to stand for a few days to hopefully have the alcohol dissipate.  Did you know that unless there is a vacuum oven purging the alcohol from the product for 24hr to 48hr the product with the alcohol would never truly be 100% alcohol free?


Why Support Honey

Bees are the only insects that produce food eaten by humans. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water. ... Almonds depend entirely on the honeybee for pollination.

Sadly, over the past 15 years, colonies of bees have been disappearing, and the reason remains unknown. Referred to as ‘colony collapse disorder’, billions of honeybees across the world are leaving their hives, never to return. In some regions, up to 90% of bees have disappeared!


Our Honey comes in 3 different varieties.

- THC Honey is 100% THC product that is blended with Fireweed Honey from Okanagan Valley.

- CBD Honey is (20:1 CBD to THC) this is a blend of Clover honey’s that comes from the Fraser Valley.

- Lastly we have a MIX BLEND 50/50 THC to CBD this is a mix of both the Fireweed Honey and the Fraser Valley Honey.


Health & Awareness

The three of these products are all 100% Pure Raw, Unfiltered, GMO Free, Gluten Free and are great for the following:

-Long lasting pain relief -Opiate pain relief -Anxiety -Focussing -Odor Free

-Flavourless (pure honey taste) -Fantastic for true all natural indulgers!


Shipping & Handling

DankGas Medicinal is keeping Canadian by using Canada Post to ship all your discrete Cannabis products. Canada Post has a $15.00/flat fee for shipping across Canada; we at DankGas believe all consumers should have the opportunities to save; this is why we are providing FREE SHIPPING. Free Shipping will activate automatically when your order hits the $100.00 or more mark. 

How To Proceed

We recommend all our customers to fully browse the menu and take a thorough look and prepare yourself for your week to come (you never want to fall short on a last doobie situation). Shoot us an e-mail if you have any further questions; now its time to “check out”, prepare your e-transfer and await your “quality cannabis”

Shipping / Timeframe / Delivery

Free shipping on orders $100.00 and more.

Orders under $100.00 are charged $15.00 flat rate.

No Minimum Orders!

Shipping Via Xpresspost 1-5 Business Days.

Payment Via E-Transfer

We are both a mail order and delivery service so please specify where you are and select the proper shipping methods.

Delivery Route: we offer delivery in the following areas - Kitsilano, Maple Ridge, Pitt-Meadows.

12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
12:00am -  12:00am
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April 18th, 2018

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DankGas Medicinal

I like the AAAA from DankGas. Its a tasty strong indica, white ash very clean oily burn I did not like the AA at all Very good customer service. My order had an issue and they dealt with it accordingly

Bud Quality
DankGas Medicinal

new business good stuff

new business that is good stuff good quality fast delivery no bs not much else to say

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First-Time Patients

New Patients - E Mail us for anything / anytime we are here to provide a service and going above and beyond for our customers is exactly what we do!


Senior Discounts 65+

2018 4:20 we are now offering $4.20/gram on all Indica Flower! E Mail for details

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