Ground Flower Bulk Refills Sativa

Product description

Curaleaf Ground Flower Bulk Refills Sativa contain all-natural cannabis flower and cannabis plant terpenes for vaporization. Each refill contains 7g (1/4 oz) of premium cured cannabis and 1400mg of major cannabinoids. Inhalation is the fastest-acting route of administration. When inhaled, the active cannabinoids pass directly into the bloodstream from the lungs. One slow, controlled inhalation lasting two seconds delivers approximately 2.5mg of active cannabinoids. Effects occur in 90 seconds, lasting for two to three hours and for some patients up to 12 hours.

Administration Form: Inhalation Vapor

Ratio: 20:1

THC: 2.5mg / inhalation

CBD: 0.125mg / inhalation

Cannabis Type: Sativa

Product Contains: Ground Cannabis, Natural Cannabis Plant Terpenes

Unit Size: 7g cured cannabis flower and 1400mg active cannabinoids

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2 reviews

1 star

Things aren't as they APPpear

Curaleaf Delivery Watertown, New York Delivery only Closing soon (10:00pm) Medical License information Call to order Call Ok this place doesn't exist. Why are you advertising this place is open? Bunch of pot teaser's over there. Cut the crap and remove this site until you get one going. But it definitely will NOT be in Watertown NY cause I live here and this place sucks long n hard. Town hall is full of uptight lefties that are anti weed. Good luck.
4 months ago
5 stars

7g Durban Thai Sativa = excellent

The sativa DTA strain has been great so far!! This was the first medical strain I've tried and am very impressed by the flower, all around. It has a good smell - slightly fruity, not too strong. Also, the taste isn't too strong, it has a very smooth pull. The high was pretty strong (two friends of mine "couldn't walk") and lasted for a little less than 2 hours. One major downside is the fact that the flower is pre-ground. I was told by one of the budtenders that unfortunately with NYS medical cannabis the individual nugs can't be larger than 2mm in diameter so they grind everything... That kinda sucks because you lose out on kief and you lose control over the size of the ground nugs (straight out of the container they are a little big) OVERALL RATING: 7.6/10
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