Pink Rockstar // EXOTIC

With a THC level of exactly 18% and less than 0.05% CBD, this product works best for experienced users, but intermediate ones may also tolerate it..     - Pink Rockstar is a primarily relaxing strain. Its strong sedative properties provide relief from most issues; however, individuals seeking an energetic or focused high will not enjoy this strain. It does, however, provide feelings of happiness and euphoria for some uplifting effects.Pink Rockstar is a good option for insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADD, ADHD and PTSD. Its mood-enhancing abilities are also useful against depression; - Like many strains of its kind, Pink Rockstar helps with chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation and arthritis.- Patients also use this strain to fight nausea and increase appetite.

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