Lebanese (Baalbek) Organic Super Blond Hash

The blond Lebanese hashish is the old timer’s favorite. Hashish has a very long history in Lebanon. At one stage, the cannabis-gold was used as a currency. Thus, it’s safe to state the Lebanese know their stuff when it comes to making excellent cannabis solutions. When the rugged indica Hash crops have been harvested, dried, and treated, only then could this great Hash be made. Internationally, Lebanon has been known for its quality Hash for as long as Hash has been a “thing”. This AAA+ Lebanese Hash originate from a small-batch of growers out of the Bekaa Valley, the heart of Lebanese agriculture and a fertile destination for cannabis cultivation. What makes Lebanese Hash different from other hash variations is the way it is cultivated and then allowed to aged over one or two whole seasons (4-8 months). This aging, or curing process allows Lebanese Hash to develop very strong spicy and woody notes, along with a smooth flavour.

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