Blue Berry Kush Vape Cartridge


Blueberry Kush Infused vape oil with 500 mg of ejuice measuring about 45% THC content, 10% CBD. This is an excellent discrete alternative to smoking cannabis, allows the user around 220 puffs of delicous blueberry vape. 

This Vape Oil is made with a completely solventless concentrate (Rosin) and mixed with about a 1:1.25 ratio of liquidizer, which allows the user to vape this concentrate with a smooth blueberry taste.

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4 stars

No more

If you sold the last gram of pink lady it would be hard like it always is, not gooey n warm like it was just made, its not like a business keeps a 3.5 gm nug n press it to make you 1gm of concentrate, i ordered pink lady it was taken offline & immediately house shatter went up in its place, YOU SOLD ME HOUSE SHATTER AS PINK LADY TO MAKE UP $25 FOR LAST WEEKS FREE GRAM OF HOUSE SHATTER, THATS PRETTY LOW, YOU LISTEN THIS TIME TO WHEN SOME1 "TELLS" YOU GOODBYE & STOP TEXTING ME EVERY 2 HOURS

One of my favourites

All there flavours are really delicious!! Best rosin pen I’ve tried, you guys rock!


Love the taste of the blueberry! Definitely a must try, these products are great!

Love it

My buddy gave me one of these for my Bday, I thought it was great and love the mellow buzz. It just didn't last long but I still like it.
Thanks for the feedback! I know its not as strong as pure shatter or distillate but it is completely solventless and retains all of the cannabinoids, this way its healthy to consume, and good for people looking for dosing in order to consume for medical purposes like pain and sleep disorders. The issue is coming up with a product that is solventless, and retains all of the over cannabinoids theirs not pure 100% distilled THC so to get really high you need to consume more than you would if it was shatter or distillate. A major upside to this is you wont consume carcinogens, so your long term (and short term) health wont suffer from regular consumption. give me a shout at if you have any questions for me I'm happy to help, I really appreciate customers like you!!
Official Response

Blueberry yum yum!

Favourite flavour for sure
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