Pink Truffles©️🌈 (THC 24.81%, CBD 1.41%)

Hybrid of Pink Lemonade™️ strain and Truffle OG™️. Thanks to AmsterdamSeedCenter we were able to create another crown jewel. The genetics of this strain demands dedicated focus and strict environmental conditions to bring out it's true genotype potential. Using the optimum ppfd/par, we were able to produce the highest density tirchomes and the most delicious flavanoids. By manipulating its environment, we were able to focus on producing high concentrations of THC and very specific terpenes to bring about its unique secondary properties—euphoria, analgesia, sedation and relaxation. This strains flavors are sweet, buttery, skunky, spicy and minty which match the aroma. This is another conoiseur strain that was rated platinum by our vetran mastergrowers. 

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