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Compassionate Cultivation (Coming Soon)

San Angelo, TX - Delivery Only

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San Angelo Delivery - Compassionate Cultivation (Coming Soon)

About Us

Compassionate Cultivation is a San Angelo High-CBD Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


Compassionate Cultivation is proud to provide high-CBD medicinal cannabis therapies to San Angelo patients living with intractable epilepsy. As one of only three organizations in Texas licensed to cultivate and distribute pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, Compassionate Cultivation offers statewide delivery to homebound patients across the San Angelo region.


The founders of Compassionate Cultivation joined forces to provide Texas patients with both a grounded, scientific understanding of and access to medical marijuana. The team’s leading physician, Dr. Keough, joined Compassionate Cultivation’s team only after thorough review of all established research and evidence that supported CBD’s potential for intractable epilepsy treatment. Through education, compassion, and high-grade medicine, Compassionate Cultivation’s delivery service transports cannabis to patients across San Angelo and the surrounding areas.


New patients seeking high-CBD cannabis treatment must first be diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and consult with their physician to discuss cannabis as a viable treatment. Once a patient is approved for high-CBD medical marijuana, he or she can browse through Compassionate Cultivation’s online menu and place an order for delivery. Soon after, a delivery courier will travel directly to the patient’s home with cannabis in hand.


Service Locations:

Patients throughout San Angelo and the surrounding cities can easily purchase Compassionate Cultivation’s cannabis for delivery. The team travels to Vancourt, Veribest, Wall, and Grape Creek with medical marijuana remedies. Eola, Miles, Tennyson, and Carlsbad residents rely on Compassionate Cultivation’s care. Couriers drive to Sherwood, Knickerbocker, Ballinger and Sterling City with professionalism and discretion. San Angelo patients need not fear, thanks to the high quality and care of Compassionate Cultivation.


Location Information:

San Angelo is located on the Concho River, known for its historic Fort Concho National Historic Landmark. Outdoor lovers adore the San Angelo State Park’s 50 miles of trails, which wind around the OC Fisher Lake. Sunset Mall provides a modest selection of retail options for shoppers, while the San Angelo Nature Center showcases regional animal species in their natural habitats.

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November 3rd, 2017

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