Community Wellness Center

4.6 stars by 8 reviews
delivery Watsonville, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.6 stars

Great prices n fast delivery

Got the pacific sunset oz and the delivery was less than 20 minutes.


some of the best product around.. The flower is super dank, carts are amazing also.. although I wish you guys carried left coast cartridges! A+ Service :)

great products an service


Super convenient

easy to order, great products with great deals. Always on time deliveries. I couldnt ask for better service.

Great quality great deals!


Wrong order from an online purchase

I ordered 3 1g gelato from dime bag to get their advertised 3g for 70 deal on their flyer. I enter the promo code and the order looks good, great. They send me 6 emails with different totals from what they originally posted in my checkout cart. Then i received a text from “Ty” from CWC and he said the deal is no longer as advertised and they have new deals... well thats not my fault and the website was wrong too then. So he says this one time they’ll hook me up with the coupon code.... the driver gets here says, “just making sure its 3 gelatos, looks good.” But my dumb butt didn’t realize they were bags of bud.... the deal clearly says 3 grams of wax for 70... not 3 eighths of bud and the picture on the website was wax from dimebag... so my order was wrong but I decided to write a review instead of contacting this business because I don’t want to stress about getting the right product at this moment. Beware when purchasing online and pay attention to what they bring you!!
Community Wellness Center
Santa Cruz
Hi -- We apologize for the incorrect order being delivered to you today and for that to be your first experience with CWC. When our driver noticed 15 minutes after delivering, we did call you to try and fix it immediately but you were not open to us coming back out to you. For the discount code, I do find it important to mention that there was no hesitation in honoring the code after the flyer was mentioned, so there was no difference in price in the end. We are a small team that has been in the Santa Cruz area for a couple years now. We take a lot of pride in providing a real human experience that leaves our customers excited to order from us again. Unfortunately, that means we can make mistakes. If there is ever an issue with an order we will go above and beyond to fix it and keep our customers happy when we are allowed to. If you do choose to place an order with us again, which we hope you do, please don’t hesitate to let us make it right.
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Check out CWC santa cruz's reviews, same store.

Was wondering why my review wasn't showing and realized they have 2 store's on here. Was told on my last delivery that the driver was coming over from watsonville so it would be 30 mins, and it is the same phone number. So check out all their 5 star reviews and here is mine: I have tried a few other delivery services and this had the best prices for AUTHENTIC products. Others bait and switch, don't update their website, or just have fake product/label/description. You feel like you get your moneys worth with CWC. also 30 min average delivery time so far. 3 texts, one confirmation and expected delivery, one updated "on the way, be there in 10 mins" and a final pulling up now text. love it. Ask about their discounts/codes for the best deal. I usually get a couple heavy hitters every other week but their $50 cartridges are fine too. I feel like all my other favorite walk in stores are getting too greedy, they could pass along some savings and show some appreciation in the way of not increasing their prices every 6 months, this is the price things should be. Also good customer service that they don't even need cause they do the rest of their job properly.
Community Wellness Center
Santa Cruz
Thank you so much for this amazing review! Make sure to let us know this is you on your next order for a discount! Also for clarification, we own 3 "Pins" in Santa Cruz county to increase our delivery range for our customers! However our office remains in the city of Santa Cruz. Again, we appreciate your lovely review and hope to see you soon!
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Fast Delivery, High Quality

Community Wellness is great! Super short wait times, they usually get me my order less than half an hour after I place my order. Flower is of excellent quality, with my favorite being the Wedding Cake from 👽. Also, you literally *cannot* get heavy hitters cartridges for such a low price anywhere nearby (2 for $110!!). To top it off they’re always super friendly and professional, from the people on the phone to their courteous delivery drivers. Mark this place as a favorite, you won’t regret it.