Birthday Cake Moonrocks


Above Top Shelf’s Birthday Cake MoonRock is a potent flower: soaked in high quality wax and covered in large amounts of kief. You can have your cake, and smoke it too! Our special edition Birthday Cake MoonRocks have a sweet cake with frosting flavor, and will make you blast off! Our Birthday Cake MoonRocks deliver an exceptional head and body high, and its powerful effects relieve many users of common health issues, such as stress, pain, and anxiety in ways other medicine can’t. Above Top Shelf’s MoonRocks set the new standard.

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5 stars

Great vanilla frosting flavor

Tastes awesome and gets me on the moon would highly recommend these for anyone who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the flavor, it’s not too much but just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth it’s really a treat these moonrocks are phenomenal regardless of what flavor I tried, next off for me to try is strawberry!
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