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Class A Greens

Portland, ME - Delivery Only

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Portland Delivery - Class A Greens

First-Time Patients

First time patients can enjoy an additional 1/8 (with minimum purchase of a quarter) comprised of two additional strains. We hope you enjoy the variety and try something new!


Veterans Discount and Senior Discount 5% *Sorry, no combining discount

About Us

Class A Greens is a Portland Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Class A Greens offers medical marijuana patients throughout Portland and the surrounding regions a reliable, professional way to access medicinal cannabis. Class A Greens’ delivery team provides expedient delivery and compassionate, tailored care to their patients. Class A Greens’ overarching goal is consistent and lasting wellness for every person in its care.



The founder of Class A Greens began as a patient and cultivator who eventually wanted to share his cannabis therapies with other suffering individuals who needed its aid. A veteran, the founder named his delivery “Class A” to honor his military background and ideals. Class A refers to a military personnel’s best uniform, what they wear when they want to appear their finest. Class A Greens’ founder wanted to connect that level of high quality with his cannabis delivery operation. He selected the name to guide his company’s values towards continually high standards. In 2014, Class A Greens began serving Portland medical marijuana patients, and they continue to connect individuals with the most efficient cannabis treatments.



For Class A Greens, quality means everything. The team stands behind its products and uses the cannabis industry’s most proven cultivation methods to craft consistent quality medicine. The flower selection includes cultivars such as Gorilla Glue #4, The Flav, Chernobyl, and El Fuego, each chosen to address specific patient health concerns. Class A Greens collaborates with a reputable local processing lab that extracts the flower into pure, discreet vaporizer cartridges. Patients may also select from hand-rolled pre-rolls, stuffed with Class A Greens’ finest flower. In addition to their lab-tested cannabis selection, Class A Greens carries a small collection of grinders and vape batteries for their Portland patients.



Class A Greens offers easy caregiver registration for its patients and individuals can either call or email the delivery team to schedule the first meeting. The Class A Greens delivery courier will bring all necessary paperwork to the first delivery session after the patient places their first cannabis order. Class A Greens typically completes Portland deliveries within 24 hours of placement. Class A Greens offers a 5% discount for veterans and seniors. With the purchase of their first quarter ounce, new patients receive a free eighth comprised of two different strains. Class A Greens requests a minimum order of a quarter ounce for their delivery services and applies no extra cost for transportation.


Service Locations:

The Class A Greens delivery team journeys to Portland and up and down the Casco Bay with high-quality cannabis therapies. The delivery couriers drive to Westbrook, Gorham, Buxton and Higgins Beach with their remedies. Patients in South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and Cumberland can easily order Class A Greens’ medical marijuana. Windham, Popevile, Standish, and Yarmouth patients are within driving distance of Class A Greens’ team. From Biddeford to Brunswick, Class A Greens is honored to serve any suffering individual in need.


Location Information:

Portland lies on Maine’s Casco Bay and offers southern Maine residents and visitors a wide variety of cultural attractions. The Eastern Promenade hosts East End Beach’s shoreline, the Bayside trail, and other scene walking paths and play areas for lovers of the outdoors. The Portland Observatory offers seasonal tours of the United State’s oldest and only remaining wooden maritime signal tower. Closer to Portland downtown, the Portland Museum of Art houses notable art pieces and galleries. From the Victoria Mansion’s tours to the University of Southern Maine’s campus, Portland’s city is bustling with things to do and see.

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October 23rd, 2017

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Class A Greens

great service, fast and

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I've used this service a times now, always good smoke and the owner really knows his stuff. I recently tried the dabs and was blown away! I had tried a few different services before but this is the first one worth talking about.. Definitely the only service I'm using from now on. Thanks WeedMaps :)

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First-Time Patients

First time patients can enjoy an additional 1/8 (with minimum purchase of a quarter) comprised of two additional strains. We hope you enjoy the variety and try something new!

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