DIME 600mg Disposable - Peach Kush

$45.00per 1/2 g
Product description


If Peaches and Cream met OG Kush at a bar, Peach Kush was the result. Composed of earthy undertones, a sweet peachy body, and a creamy finish, this blend is one of our favorites. As a mellow indica, this strain can be smoked all day without bringing you into a full slumber, while relaxing enough to leave you well rested after a long day.

Genetics: Peaches and Cream x OG Kush

Effects: Relaxed, Focused, Euphoric

Prevalent Terpenes: Beta Pinene, Ocimene

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6 reviews

2 years ago
5 stars


This is definitely a nice fruity night time cap! Reminds me of a mini vacation! Love the high and how its rechargeable at the bottom! BOMB Flavor!
5 months ago
5 stars

Sex Wow

Peach Kush give you a little energized boost of power and it makes you have an euphoric body high, but with your mind focused. Sex is passionate, intensional, connected, and the orgasm is so strong. Mind blowing. You’re welcome.
2 years ago
5 stars


10 months ago
5 stars

new battery

the new updated unit hits way better than the old ones .you can't recharge this one but you really shouldn't have to.the taste is great and always a good high from dime oil.this is a solid professional company !
1 year ago
5 stars

Yummy 🍑

This lil disposable is quite a hitter, and the peach taste isn't heavy at all..but still a decent flavor. The high tho...Weeeeeeeeee!! 😊☺🤣🤣 and I love the fact that you can charge these so you can get all the honey in the pot 😉🍯 Dime Industries is one of my new favorites
2 years ago
1 star


So, I read the reviews for this, and it made me want to purchase. However, when I finally was able to smoke it, it tasted like there was bleach in it, and the smell was horrible. Im sorry, I just can’t see how this is worth 5 stars.
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