Clarity California Cannabis

4.8 stars by 160 reviews
delivery Tustin, CAmedical
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4.8 stars

Bait and Switch

product has always been OK. usually quick service. Yesterday I saw they had Blueberry Yum Yum in stock. I haven't seen the real Blueberry Yum Yum in a while and have seen imposters in the past so I asked if this is the real deal and was told it is an "Amazing strain" and is the real deal. so I got 7g of it. it turned out to be crappy Blue dream that had no effect on me. I thought since it's not prepackaged product they would have no problem exchanging the remaining 5.5g. I was told no and was offered free 8th with my next purchase. doesn't help me when I have $80 of worthless medication. I will no longer be using this service since they have no compassion for their patients and do not stand behind their product or their employees reviews of the product. I can't believe anybody, even a novice user would call this "Amazing " I would be surprised if the product test over 10% THC. Not happy at all.

Jersey My East Coast Boy!!!

He is always here when needed. Very punctual and WHAT A PERSONALITY!!! His delivery is like when a brother comes to visit. Such a down to earth family like experience. People like him are hard to find in Cali these days. I’m so thankful He’s my delivery driver!!! Thank you Jersey! Enjoy your jam bro! Annie 😊

Always consistent good service thus far

My second time in less than two weeks using Clarity delivery service. Product is alwsys fresh and good and prices are reasonable. Its a plus they accept credit cards. I always tip the delivery driver with cash. This time i wanted to add the tip to cc. The driver refused the tip after i insisted 3-4x. Service is fantastic! But i really wish he would of let me tip him considering my order was $20.00 under what i expected it to be! Love this delivery service!

Go to delivery

Quality flower! Professional customer service & reasonable eta! Also appreciate how discrete they are.


20 min ETA. Can't beat that. Friendly reliable service. Highly recommended !!!

Just Awesome

Moist, reliable and on time fast!

The Best

What can I say that has been said already. Clarity is hands down the best delivery service especially when Jersey Mike delivers it. They have quality bud that don't disappoint. You can't find a better team than Clarity

Best delivery ever

This place always has quality flower. Their service is fast and friendly. Jersey is super friendly n puts a smile on my face. He’s got the best one liners that make you laugh. He said oh the day is better cause your gonna have a smile on your face now that i stopped by. And he was right my back pain left and i got a smile on my face. Thanks guys for being a great team.

Legit service

Was on a business trip to CA and found them on weedmaps. Great communication and fast dependable service. And even better, the dudes from NJ! 🔥💨

Newark New Jersey aka MIKE

Jersey Mike is not a bellhop he's your personal concierge two extraordinary product the most exquisite delivery service provided thank you Jersey Mike

Jersey Mike!!!!!

Mike is cool and brings your product fast and correct every time

Great Delivery Service

The flowers are insanely dank for top shelf and PR, prices are so good too if you are on a budget. I would definitely recommend Clarity oh and btw if you ever meet Jersey Mike, consider yourself blessed 😂 he is just the best and makes your day when he delivers

the best

This delivery service is hands down the best. They are discreet and they have the best flowers. My dude Jersey always comes through with the recommendations. My go to spot for sure.

Deals on deals

I tell all my friends about Clarity. They have the best deals and the best flowers🔥🔥. Jersey always come through with the recomendation. He never fails. love this delivery service.

great buds and service

I picked up from clarity a few months ago and was very satisfied with the level of service that I was provided. Buds were great quality and they came in some pretty cool containers. clarity brings a whole new look to picking up. keep up the great work my dudes.


Weed took me to the moon and back!!! the hot cheeto chips infused with thc made me feel like I was on cloud 9😈

when you're in need , and you need it speedy fast

call clarity now. I just got my order and the flower is straight 🔥. honestly it was the freshest flower I've had in a long time . the glass jars they have are super dope. I didnt think I've seen a delivery service that has glass jars. hit them up

Disappointed In Change of Service Level

I’ve been going to Clarity for several months now and all of a sudden, pricing is changing on minimums and shipping costs. Two weeks ago, shipping was $10.75, today it’s $60. Two weeks ago, no minimum on the order, today it’s $200 minimum. I’m repeat business. Why mess with that? Crazy. I’m out. Update: I received a text from the “owner”, this is all quoted text: “This is the owner of clarity Cannabis. I was about to allow your shipment to go through and then I saw your negative review because your little b****.All you got to do is be nice and ask and I would have probably let your shipment go through is this your being a little b**** and leaving bad reviews you can no longer order from us”. I did ask about the shipping cost and the explanation was “that’s the cost”. I verified the shipping cost using UPS and it is $10.75.
Clarity California Cannabis
ezel - Our staff is always professional and courteous. You asked our shipped to AZ which we cannot do and we advised you on the phone. I am sorry you are upset and felt the need to leave this negative review. You are welcome to order from us again when you travel back to California. - CCC
Official Response


The best delivery place around, and the flower is absolutely top notch. The TOP SHELF IS ACTUALLY WAY STRONGER THAN THE TRUE TOP SHELF STRENGTH AND QUALITY!


Always get this guy on my deliveries, always workin, always good vibes thanks for the great service mike!