4 " V12 Glass Twist Blunt (Smoke 1.5 G of flower with no wraps!)

Not all of us were blessed with the skills required to put together a fat blunt but rest assured the 4” V12 Glass Twist Blunt is here to make things a whole lot easier. This glass blunt packs up to 1.5 ounces in a simple glass tube, accessible through an intuitive twist cap. Spark it up the way you would any blunt. You can ash with another simple twist. You also don’t have to worry about lighting your blunt over and over again since the V12 is designed to stay lit. The body is comprised of high quality borosilicate glass for heat resistance. An included cleaning brush helps you maintain your glass blunt for longevity and high efficiency.  Length: 4" inches Material: Glass Fits up to: 1.5 grams 2 rubber caps Cleaning brush

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