Chatham Compassion Club

4.5 stars by 77 reviews
delivery Chatham, Ontariomedical & recreational

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4.5 stars

Honestly the only one I haven't got from.

I can't write a bad or a good review kinda makes me sad I wanna try them all but I have to say these hours are a oof fix the hour I fix my review

Great service

Quick to text back, gives an estimated time, very polite and willing to make things right! Love all the options too!

I get an answer every time but I spend good money

an yes it is always fire. 85 percent of my orders come from here but the new hours aren't looking to great hope your back soon😀

Top shelf product

Always has a fire menu. Ordered a 1/4 of gelato, 1/4 of gorilla glue # 4. Really good quality and nice buds. Also got the white widow sauce. Will def continue to grab off this guy. Order came fairly quick also! Recommend

doesnt even answer

Used to be an amazing service, was always prompt and consistent, now they wont even give a response most of the time.

true review!

Just Wait and wait and wait all damn day , then as SOON AS HES ABOUT TO OPEN he puts " Closed " . WHAT B.S. -_-

Shitttt hrs

I’ll give them credit for their bomb inventory but being open only 4-6 hrs And being closed 4 days a week is kind of pointless. They should look into getting a driver that’s able to pick up the slack. I’ve been waiting four days for 1G of live resin. Probably better off ordering online. You’d think paying over 1000$ a month to post would make them want to hustle harder but I guess not 👎🏼 Edit: I made my review after I messaged you not only did I have to wait two days Monday I waited all day until 4pm then when i got home n messaged u again I went bk on weedmaps n noticed u were closed when u were supposed to be open.... like I said you’s got bomb inventory when Yous actually deliver it’s just frustrating when your closed 4 days out of the week n are only opened 4-6 hrs a day. -rant over lol P.s I finally got my stuff n am thrilled it tastes so clean!!
Chatham Compassion Club
Our hours have been varying as we have been trying to get new drivers and have had multiple drivers but it has been difficult with peoples schedules changing and personal matters etc. You messaged on Saturday for it which was 3 days ago when we were also closed all day and was set to closed since Friday. Before you even messaged today you left a one star review, I would have gladly delivered it even though we are closed today but you not even giving us a chance and texting us before giving us a poor review was pretty demotivating. Response to the edit; I saw this review before I received any text about an order of Gorilla Glue Live Resin and you didn't text me until about 5 P.M on Monday and before then Saturday when we were closed and I was out of town, so either you didn't send the text or it didn't go through. I can see this review was made at 3:18 P.M.
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okay weed

if there no reply there closed? then whats the point of the hours ?

Good Service Again

Grabbed an OZ of AK47 today, response was fast, delivery was fast. The weight was a bit off .5g. but nothing to cry about. This was my second time buying from the Chatham Compassion Club and will not be my last. keep up the good job
Chatham Compassion Club
Thank you for your kind review and we sincerely apologize for your bag being under weighted, that should never happen. Please mention this when you order your next bag and we will be sure to correct it.
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#1 in Chatham

Best service ever !! Quick to answer, super fast delivery, always friendly and great product :) Ordered and received within 10 minutes today. Thanks again

first time but not last time buyer

very very fast ,delivery . good pricE for the ak47 QP my man and good quality bud !!!!

Great service

Amazing buds - very quick service. Overall great buying experience. Will definitely order from here again

can I get a reply back?

I've been trying to get a hold of u guys but no luck.
Chatham Compassion Club
We're sorry you've had trouble reaching us. We may have been closed or not received your text or call. We currently do not have calling but will again soon. We hope you decide to try and order from us again and apologize for the inconvenience.
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Happy overall

Always good stuff! Just a bit expensive

Good buds

Quick response fast delivery great quality buds I got the zombie kush 👍👍👍👍

Great bud

Bought some gorilla glue #4 tonight. Super sticky bud that has a strong smell and great taste. Also grabbed aome distillate refills. My only comment is that i thought id be getting a 1 g distillate cartridge not 2 500mg ones. I wish that had been made clearer so i couldve had the option of choosing 2 different types. Other than that no complaints, great service, timely delivery

great for 120 !

order'd both the ak 47 and the blue cheese very happy with both will order again


First time customer today and I wasn't disappointed! They texted back quickly and delivered exactly when they said they would (45 mins). The bud looks good, smokes nicely and gives a good buzz. I'll definitely be ordering again!


Bought a zip of the 120 an oz ak47 today. Typically for 120 an oz I would be terribly sceptical....I will never question the product from this dude. Quads or not it’s great bud and terpy and worth the buy!!! He’s always my go to!!

Second time ordering

Just got my second order with these good people. First order was a quarter of the Papaya Punch and it was super fire, even though it should have been dried one more day. This time I got the half ounce of the AK 47. Holy crap the AK is just like I remember it, it's worth way more then the $70. Keep it up folks 🤘👍🤙👌👌👌