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Perfect to paint, jam, code, blog, or game. || Our ultra-premium oil goes through a triple-distillation process, and has no artificial additives or cutting agents. With the use of extra slow, cold CO2 to preserve as much of the terpene profile as possible, our oils deliver rich aromas and flavors. This ceramic tip cartridge comes with a magnetic ring that automatically links to the Canndescent Stylus Rechargeable Pen; no twisting needed. Finally, we’ve cut out the mystery by including the effect name directly on the cartridge so you can identify it throughout your use. Choose Canndescent Create, and write your story.

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2 stars

Great taste & flavor, weak high

For how much these cartridges cost, the high is just not there. The design is nice and fancy, taste is amazing, literally everything is perfect about this cart except the high and I think that’s unacceptable for $40 for a half gram plus tax. I am a fan of fancy super strong cartridges. I have been smoking on Kurvana ASCND and Select Elite oils which in my opinion are the best carts you can get on the market. Very reasonably priced and super strong. I figured Canndescent would be up there with those guys but definitely not the case. I took 3 big hits (enough to get me baked on any other cart) and all I felt was this was a little head-change. I had to take over 10 hits for a decent high where as ASCND or Select it only takes a couple. Completely overpriced for the high you get. I honestly can’t recommend these even though they taste so good. Spend your money elsewhere if you’re looking To get baked. I even tried numerous batteries to see if it was a bad battery etc, it’s just the cart.
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