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Read a book, sleep soundly, and find relief. || Our ultra-premium oil goes through a triple-distillation process, and has no artificial additives or cutting agents. With the use of extra slow, cold CO2 to preserve as much of the terpene profile as possible, our oils deliver rich aromas and flavors. This ceramic tip cartridge comes with a magnetic ring that automatically links to the Canndescent Stylus Rechargeable Pen; no twisting needed. Finally, we’ve cut out the mystery by including the effect name directly on the cartridge so you can identify it throughout your use. Choose Canndescent Calm, and write your story.

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3.5 stars

So the reviews below are wrong lol.

I normally wouldn’t say this but you should buy the battery that works with this cart. The battery allows you to use the cart so much better, you can heat it up which is like taking a dab out of a pen it’s inane how awesome these products work, been using Stiiizy which barley does anything and a company that doesn’t care to combat fake products on the market. You can’t tell what’s real and not with Stiiizy and like 90% of the market. You can go to a legit clinic buy a canndecent cart and it will actually work and tested it’s amazing. I mainly only use flower, and joints, decided to try their carts because I only use Canndecent flower. It’s worth it trust me people get the pen and the cart and get away from those dumb flavored stuff, these carts actually taste like cannabis incredible.

Don’t waste your money

I really liked the bud version of calm but wanted the convenience of vape. I purchased no less than 5 .5 gram cartridges at $50 bucks each....every one was extremely difficult to draw from. I have never had any problem with other strains/cartridges. Will never buy again...not worth the crap shoot.

Didn't work

I bought the Stylus battery along with a charge and a cruise cart. None of the 3 work right at all. Very disappointing, I would expect more for the price tag

Amazing taste; subpar high

While the taste of this oil is fantastic, the high is a little weak. The oil is a different color than all other oils out there. It’s a very light Colored amber instead of that dark you usually get. The terp profile and flower portion of the vape is on point and tastes great. This definitely leaves you feeling calm and sleeping, I was hoping for more of a body high though and I didn’t get that from this. Just sleepy.

Best solution to wind down

-amazing taste -long lasting -clear oil with no additives GREAT to find a company that produced their own oil from their own flowers, that is transparent. It is NOT sourced or white labeled unlike the majority of carts

Smooth Oil and Awesome Hardware

Hands down the smoothest hitting hardware, and the best tasting vapor. I love that the carts just drop into the battery that looks like a real pen!!!!
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