Ultra Potent Cannabis Infused Gummy - Lemonade Haze

Product description

At a powerful 20mg per piece, experience euphoria in the most delicious way possible. Combining only Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent concentrates with custom terpene blends to deliver a powerful, targeted experience, Heavy Hitters gummies are the heaviest hitting gummies on the market. Crafted with delicious real fruit flavors and perfect texture to make your mouth water.

20MG THC per piece (portioned into 2-10MG sections)

The perfectly sweet, tartness of a glass of lemonade refreshes you with a jolt of flavor as the sativa blend uplifts you with a euphorically energetic effect that will keep you happily soaring through your day. 

Strain Type: Sativa

Flavor: A sweet, tart, and refreshing glass of lemonade

Terpene Blend: Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Citral

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3 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Pure Love… These High Quality Gummies Won Me Over🌈

First Maybach is one of the Best Consistent Services with a Vast Edible Category! These gummies are extremely high quality, not diabetes sugar sweet (perfect sweetness balanced) and PACKED with incredible flavor. The high is superb. For me, this otherworldly Lemonade flavor and the Apple are the best tasting gummies I’ve had thus far.💯 Definitely treat yourself.🧡 Ordering for the past several weeks from Maybach has been a pleasure. They’re always professionals, friendly, knowledgeable, Amazing inventory all around. Especially the edible selection… SO much to choose from. I go on a new journey each week exploring the effects of different products as I discover my new favorite products brands that work well for me. Oh yeah… Deals Galore!🤩
5 months ago
5 stars

Fire 🔥

I'm an experienced smoker, but have been trying to cut back on smoking and I've been having a hard time finding edibles that actually work for me. My friend recommended these because she said they come with a punch. I was skeptical at first so I took 2 1/2 (20mg each)......gahhhdayummm I was not ready for the lock it had me in 😂 i was on cloud 9 for a good 6 hours. so I went back and also got the apple flavor. omg they taste like regular sour candy but don't get it twisted, ain't nothing regular about them!
4 months ago
4 stars

Get a new bag

Gummies are great. However, getting the bag open is a chore. Yes, there is a thumb hole but it is useless. Frustrating to say the least. Other than that, a fine product. Although I have to say the quality of the gummy isn't good enough to fight with having to open that bag. Most gummies are pretty much the same feeling wise anyways. These are nice but that dang bag. For a ln occasional user these gummies will be great for you. 1 of these and you'll be floating in no time. Have CBD ready just in case anxiety swarms you.
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