Phantom O.G AAAA+

hantom OG is an indica-leaning strain that offers an ideal balance of physical and mental stimulation. This bud is the brainchild of prolific growers Barney’s Farm as a cross between OG Kush and Phantom Cookies. The resulting bud has won fans for its bright, punchy flavor and its unique high. Phantom OG’s THC content has been measured at levels from 19% to 26%.. It may also lift inhibitions on creativity, inspiring work on open-ended creative projects. In social settings, Phantom OG’s mental stimulation can even spill over into lively conversation, even when used among relative strangers.The strain’s mood-boosting effets can also temporarily work against the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physically speaking, Phantom OG can dull aches and pain, both mild and chronic, and can lessen the severity of everyday irritations like headaches.  Phantom OG is not recommended for patients who are inexperienced with THC or who are prone to panic. A must-try for indica and sativa lovers alike, Phantom OG offers long-lasting relaxation. Its woody, lemon-tinged flavor profile may also make it appealing to fans of similar strains like Jack Herer.

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