Cannabis Express - San Francisco South

4.5 stars by 86 reviews
delivery San Francisco, CAmedical & recreational
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4.5 stars

Lack of Communication

I placed an order to be delivered and waited for the drivers arrival, but it never happened. Called in to get an update and was told that the driver was 20 min away after already being 30 min late according to the delivery time on the website . I have ordered from here before and not had any problems, but this was very very frustrating. If there is possibility for a delay for the delivery of the order indicate it to the customer ahead of time instead of making them wait more time when I could've just ordered from a faster service.

Cancelled order

I was waiting for 2 hours and tried to call the support they said my order was on the way and 15 mins later i got a text saying my order was cancelled, what a terrible experience with this store :/

New found gem

First time ordering from here and I’m impressed. Hooked up my first purchase by throwing In a gift. Weed is great quality. Driver super nice and professional. Also they’re texts are rad.

Love this place!

This is always my go-to delivery service! Great prices and customer service!

Fantastic service and first time deal.

I’ve used a ton of services and very rarely take the time to rate them. This is the only time a service has under promised and over delivered for me. Their first time discount is fantastic (30% off) and the delivery took less than 20 minutes. Super friendly and professional driver. Will definitely use them again!!!!

great experience

I am visiting san Francisco from Alaska. I did not want to uber and pay to get to the pot store.. again lol. so I ordered some awesome joints. took 2 hours but, saved me 40 bucks in uber's. thank you!!!!

This is my new spot

Two thumbs up over here.
Tony Tone

My New Go To Spot😊

Call these guys TODAY and you won’t be disappointed!! My buddy Moe got me the Early Bird Special and it knocked $9 off the price!! I went with the Maui Wowie full gram cart!! Woo-Hoo💪🏼👍 The delivery guy Alexander is super friendly and the service is Top Notch! When I receive great service, I always give them a little something, because man cannot live on paycheck alone! They got everything you need, try them TODAY!!

not very professional

give you a 45minute - 2hour window that youll get your delivery in... i thought 2 hours would be a for sure max.. but here i sit, 2 1/2 hours after i ordered with no weed :/ just gonna order from other places that never take over an hour and a half ! *****edit: i finally decided to call, but now they're closed so i had to leave a voicemail. starting to think i won't be getting my delivery tonight and this is literally my second time trying them. rough!!!! *****edit #2: ok, just got a text from a "cannex" bot saying my delivery would be here in 24 mins. so we're gonna be at a total time of 2 hours 55 minutes. oof. im gonna change my 1 star to a 3 star though just cuz the weed is still fire, i gotta admit that. (still probably wont be back)

Idk why people trippin

If you don’t wanna pay hella for flower then stop complaining and find another place but customer service here is freakin sick af for a delivery place. Fire A$$ carts and good concentrate prices. 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 LITTTTTT

Was impressed

Picked up the oz of sour diesel was very happy with what I got for the price delivery guy was very friendly will definitely be using these guys again

Love this place

I can honestly say ive tried alot of delivery services but these guys are by far the best .Great prices and awesome customer service what more can you ask for .One time I totally messed up my delivery destination and when the driver called i was all the way aross town i felt so bad but the driver was super cool and he still delivered to me rock steve

Broken Seals That's Stealing

This will be my last time ordering not 3.5g and the seal was broken. I will be reporting this company yall need to not be on WEED MAPS.... YOUR STEALING FROM CLIENTS

Good weed but short one gram of an eighth???

I bought an eighth of gelato and it seems like good tree, but I scaled it and it’s 2.4 grams. Oh well, $35.

happy girl

super duper fast delivery!! great service and good quality!@


Yes, you read that right 🤦🏽‍♀️ I've used these guys numerous times already because they're so easy to order from.. BUT never again. Okay, my order took 3 1/2 hrs to get to me. I literally had to call them to get an eta. And that was after texting them 30 min prior! Finally, I got my order & the delivery girl had the audacity to call me to meet at her car and that would've been fine and dandy on a sunny day but naw it was straight pouring rain outside. Smh. The real fuck up here that I'm so bummed about is I received 2 vape cartridges with both seals broken & one that clearly someone had be smoking! How do I know? Honey please, i ordered a full gram & got 3/4 or 75% of a gram! I'm literally not kidding lol. I've smoked so many of these cartridges to know somethings off. YALL WERE WARNED!

Amazing Service

Delivery was Amazing and came quicker than ETA stated. Good fun and flexible staff... I will definitely be ordering again.

Great Service

They gave me a 2 hour ETA for my delivery and showed up in 20 minutes. Great and fast delivery. And the guy was nice and knowledgeable in answering all questions I had. Definitely will recommend others!!!


Completely helped out the industry with service! Information was made transparent and new leads to future sourcing of to how to obtain cannabis products was offered! Many thanks!


I'm very happy with the service here, easy and helpful. quick response, friendly and delivered on time. I'll definitely order from here again. Thank you!