GET ZEN 1g Syringe RSO (650mg THC/50mg CBD)

Ingredients:Ethanol Extract Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil Psychoactivity: High EuphoriaApprox. Concentration mg/g:650mg THC D9, less than (>) 50mg CBDMedicinal uses:Pain Relief, Sleep Aid, MS, auto-immune disorders, mood stabilizer, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant, anti-nausea, CancerDirections for Use: using 2 hands, gently push the plunger down to squirt the medicine into finger or food, then rub on gums or swallow. Can also be applied topically to skin. Recommended Dose:The common instructions are a dose equivalent to half a dry short grain of rice. Each 1/10thof the syringe contains more than 60mg THC D9. That is a big dose, probably too much for the moderate user. Just remember, this is pure oil, it has not been diluted into MCT or coconut oil so it is much stronger than a sublingual tincture that comes with a dropper. A popular option is to apply oil into a chocolate chip and place in cheek, this will help mask the full flavor of the cannabis extract while still allowing sublingual or oral absorption. Another popular option is to dispense RSO onto a banana and swallow. DO NOT forcefully push down the plunger, or squirt the medicine directly into mouth, or you might get much more than intended.

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