Holy Fire Knockout OG

The unassuming buds from Holy Fire Knockout OG, a sativa-leaning hybrid, contain an extremely pungent odor that is difficult to contain. Connoisseurs may notice traces of sweet, fruity aromas subtly mixed into the skunky scent of this cannabis plant. Holy Fire Knockout OG behaves very much like a pure sativa when consumed. The buzz goes straight to the head and pretty much stays there, so patients looking to treat debilitating physical issues like inflammation, pain, cramps, muscle tension, etc. should look for another strain. However, this cultivar excels at the cerebral, producing euphoric, calm feelings and easing the frantic pace of anxious thoughts. Heavy doses of Holy Fire Knockout OG may cause drowsiness, though lower doses will keep the user focused and awake. For this reason, this strain may be used during any part of the day, so long as the smoker pays attention to how much they’ve taken in.  A common side effect from Holy Fire Knockout OG, ironically enough, is anxiety, especially in beginners and those sensitive to sativas.

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