Electric Mamba

Imagine just how paralyzed you’d be if you were to encounter an electric black mamba in real life, not that there is such a thing. Instead of risking your life in the wilderness, this strain by the same name can provide users with strong effects that sedate you in the best way possible. Unknown breeders have crossed Black Domina with Purple Diesel to deliver a bud that’s strong as can be. Not for the faint of heart, Electric Black Mamba comes in with high THC levels that average near 20% and a CBD level of 2%, giving users the best of all worlds. Its name is thought to be derived from its appearance, as nugs are a deep color with a sticky coating of resin and huge white trichomes. Don’t let the smell fool you, as notes of blackberry with heavy skunk overtones take center stage. As you enjoy your first hit, the flavor is much more pleasing, with a fruity and sweet taste. Set aside your task list for the day, as Electric Black Mamba will have her way with you in no time. Your high will begin with a state of mental clarity that inspires creativity and energy, however, that experience is rather short-lived. Tingles will begin in your head, specifically behind your eyes, and you’ll start to feel what others call the electric nature of this strain across your entire body. Couch lock is inevitable here, as you become the prey to this enticing strain. Rather than fight it, it’s best to give in to the paralyzation and settle in with a good movie. Given that this strain features the combination of high THC levels and a reasonably decent amount of CBD, medical patients rely on it for cases of bodily pain. Whether due to injury or you’re simply experiencing muscle soreness from a previous activity, Electric Black Mamba will relieve your body of cramping and tension. Those with mood disorders or even serious cases of stress can turn to this strain and depend on her ability to clear the mind and wash away all worries.

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