Banana Hammock

Banana Hammock — Sweet child of Sunset Mandarin and Grape God Banana Hammock is a dominant indica hybrid crossed and invented by manufacturers in Ethos Genetics. One of the main advantages of this flower is its divine smell. The flowers of this plant produce a strong scent with exotic fruit tropical notes. The predominant notes are the flavours of honey and grapes. The smoke that is created is excellent. The taste of this beautiful smoke – with strong notes of banana, slightly creamy.Banana Hammock is recommended for experienced consumersThe best effect is achieved by using this mixture in the evening or at night. Soft smoke produces some burning sensation in the head while relaxing the body after a few minutes. This mixture has a therapeutic effect: relieves neuralgic pain in any part of the body. The smoke is thick, smells like grapes and honey.You can relax in your hammock or go for a leisurely walk. Guaranteed to receive a huge number of new sensations and impressions in both these cases. Great for use in company and alone. You will not be bored for sure. After consumption, there are usually no strong negative effects, such as dry mouth and burning eyes. Try and enjoy the excellent fruit and flower taste and smell of this delicious mixture!Strain Information: Indica-dominant THC: 23% / CBD 1-2% Grade Quality: AAA Strain Attributes: Effects  – Hungry, Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative, Euphoric May Relieve – Stress, Depression, Severe Nausea, Lack of appetite Flavors  –  Banana, Sweet, Earthy

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