Calis Finest Greens - Los Gatos/Saratoga

4.7 stars by 23 reviews
delivery Los Gatos, Californiamedical
(408) 6615362
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4.7 stars

Amazing service - made me a repeat customer

Wow wow In a relatively dry area (still legal) this was the only company that could deliver. Not only did they offer amazing product, but the entire experience was seamless. Driver was friendly and flexible, can’t complain. Highly recommended, will be ordering again

Great service

Delivery took a bit longer than I had hoped, but they hooked me up big time to make up for it. Really appreciate how they did that and I will definitely order from them again!

Cali’s Gas🔥

Dudes hella coo about prices & helping you out and the weed is always fire. you always get what you pay for so don’t be expecting the world if you dropping a 100 for a Oz or something 😂💯

time after time after time :D

"platinum cookies" & "ice cream cake" both amazing taste and strong highs. I've literally never had a bad experience with this place. They always have killer herbs and the best prices in the area. The drivers are always friendly and are always quick and keep you posted if they're delayed. Love this place!

:) still the best place.(Death star/Mochi)

Best quality and prices :) I regret ever looking around other deliveries tempting me with their deals for cartridges... I forgot what it was like smoking high quality herbs. "Death Star" is great tasting, strong high, and price! Ended up coming back again while checking storefronts/online for 4/20 deals and again they're #1. Cant buy somewhere else knowing a better deal is here. I got "mochi" another effing great product, great taste/high at prices you can't beat! :)) I reccomend either one of these buds. Delivery wait time is shorter than any other place I've been. Hands down BEST IN TOWN.

these guys are the best

better bang for your buck than ive seen in a while. this is what the bay used to be about

best delivery in town by far

I 100% believe this to be the best place for tree now. I only waited 30 minutes from my first text to arrival. the quality is amazing with this club. whatever club you use for herbs, drop them and try this place out now. so far I've paid $160, and $170 for ounces and both of them were TOP SHELF, not mids.. top shelf. freaking love you guys. I don't see myself using any other place for herbs again. Best prices with quality to back it up. you earned a solid regular from now on

give them a try :D

very satisfied for my first time. :D I only waited 50ish minutes! got their ounce gelato deal for 160 and was expecting mids at best to be honest. I was pleasantly mistaken! great taste, strong high! top shelf! the delivery guy was nice too. try this place out! I'm for sure coming back. The only thing I didnt get was my free pre roll, but honestly I dont care whatsoever cause the quality herbs and great customer service. bravo.

Great specials

Good customer service

Best smoke delivery

Very friendly delivery great smoke great deals they really care

Dope Strains

Strains are the dopest in the area not too mention it’s hard to get something let alone anything good out this way. I’m usually out here for work so it’s definitely a blessing if I can grab something worth it on my way out

Best delivery club I ever been to

Anyone saying this cannabis club do bad service is lien. This company always been there for me even when they was closed a driver still came. One time they was super late but gave me a free quarter of mozzy cookies and that’s a blessing. They always make up for their mistakes LOOOVVEEEE THEM. I got all my family and friends going through them now.

Treat actual needy medical patients like crap!

I actually needed my meds and they canceled my order.

Great service

Great service

Calis finest bud for sure

I regularly buy ounces from these guys and it’s always top shelf quality. They throw in the most fire pre rolls and always arrive quick. If you’re on the fence, definitely go with calis finest


honestly I'm really really happy with this company. I decided to try it out and they really know how to help you and its just amazing. fast and friendly service as well as extremely high quality medicine. impressive as well as superb in every possible way. Thank you!

Good service

Nice staff. Tonight was the first time I tried them out. Always have a problem finding someone to deliver late at night but they were available and easy to reach. Honest opinion just give em a try and you won't be disappointed.

Best delivery service I've had!

I called one time and they answered, which seems to be impossible for every other 24/7 service! they had outstanding professionalism and quick service as well! all delays were due to me. and since they didn't have of the strain I requested which was the Fire OG they replaced it with some super fire top shelf! thank you guy's!

other 24

Wanted $100 minimum for palo alto !!!!!

Great experience

I've been looking for a good dispensary that delivers and this is by far my favorite. They handle you quick fast and in a hurry . I would definitely recommend this place . And they have the best stock . 5 stars all around