Fatso is a strain with some impressive lineage. A cross between the ultra-popular GMO Cookies and Legends OG, this flower features a strong aroma of coffee and garlic and is coated with trichome crystals. Fatso offers consumers both a soaring cerebral high and deep body relaxing effects.


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5 stars

So good!

An amazing high with a taste so good it will make you want to smoke the whole jar and eat the crumbs! Got it from Taste Delivery in Antioch and I don't order from anyone else. Best selection as well as most amazing staff! -Dave T.

Reviews are what I do

This fatso ain’t nothing to mess around with the bag appeal is all there so look is a 9 smell is a 9 smoke is a 10 taste is light I’m only a grinder full in but I could use more taste from it but somethings there aside from the taste of the potency. Very heavy strain I’d smoke this before bed for sure. Altogether I give this bud a light 9 if more flavors were in there it could be a light 10 lowkey but 5 stars nonetheless grade A marijuana

My new favorite

Amazing Indica type strain, with huge dense bud structure and loud pungent coffee/garlic/cheese/skunk aroma. Got this from the Lodge on High St. Would definitely go back for an oz. Tiny shop, but great quality/prices. Wish they had this in Vegas.

My favorite

The lodge on federal had this but for some reason they won’t put it on the shelf anymore. I NEED this.
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