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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) CO2 Extract65% MesembrineAvailable in 1g $30Kanna is a succulent that is traditionally fermented and chewed by shamans in South Africa before a hunt. Rich in mesembrine, it is an excellent herb to enhance positive energies and good vibrations - which helps the shamans endure the long ordeal of of the hunt. Recently, it has become popular among a wide variety of South Africans, who chew it to relax and have a good time.This crumbly but smooth-melting and cleanly-evaporating waxy extract is made from fermented kanna using CO2. It is 65% Mesembrine, which makes it the most concentrated extract of kanna available anywhere - just a small dab onto a lit coal will produce vapors that summon the ancient spirits of South Africa, freeing the mind to focus on the hunt.No hydrocarbons or toxic solvents are used in making this extract. Each order will receive Kanna Wax that has been hand weighed, blessed by team calico buds rx, and packed in a resealable jar.Waxes melt with heat. It is normal for your wax to arrive melted, especially in the warmer months. Once the wax cools down it will return to a solid. You can pop it briefly in the fridge to quickly do so, then it will remain a solid until heated past 85F.Rainy Forest Farms is 100% powered by renewable hydroelectricity.Our packaging is 100% recyclable – just separate the materials and recycle.

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