Sundaze (3.5g) - CALIBUENO

$15.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Some Sundays need some Sundaze and we're here to offer you that kind of love and care. This strain has been grown with everything necessary to nourish your mind and soul into a cozy energyzing cloud of bliss. 

Totak Cannabinoids: 23.5%

THC21.5% CBD .08%

Effects: Relaxed, Comfortable, Calm

Aroma: Herbal, Floral, Sweet, Earthy

Terpenes: myrcene, β-caryophyllene, limonene

Farm: First Cut Farms is located in Covelo Valley, Mendocino County, in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle. Founder and Cultivator Jerry Munn is a long-time cannabis activist with 30 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and advocacy. Jerry grew cannabis for patients with HIV and Aids in the early 1990s in San Francisco. Now, he is focused on regenerative farming methods, water conservation, and composting. Jerry’s cannabis is planted during the new moon in nutrient rich soil with PH and alkaline balanced water.

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