CALIBUENO - Jelly Valley (14g)

$90.00per 1/2 oz
Product description
Relax your muscles and mind with this strong Indica/Sativa hybrid. Perfect for cozy evenings at home or a nice day at the beach, Jelly Valley will leave you beaming with love and snoozing on clouds. Cannabinoids: 23.69% Total Effects: Relaxation, Comfort, Calmness Aroma: Herbal, Earthy, Citruisy Lineage: Jelly Roll x Long Valley Royal Kush Terpenes: 1.5% myrcene, 0.5% β-caryophyllene, 0.37% α-pinene Farm: Big B’s Martyjuana Farm is located on a mountaintop in the Covelo Valley in Mendocino County. With an outdoor, all-natural, sustainable system, Martyjuana’s farm grows its cannabis with nature’s seasonal rhythmic flows. Planted and harvested in accordance with the moon cycles, Martyjuana’s sun-grown cannabis has all the loving energy of the Earth contained in one bud. Supporting small farms like Big B's protects our environment and allows for small, family-owned businesses to thrive.
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