Mandarin Haze Sativa Distillate Cartridge


Like a tall refreshing glass of orange juice, this powerful sativa hybrid, complete with freshly squeezed undertones, is a great way to jumpstart a day of creativity or chil out o a lazy Sunday.

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5 stars

This Chil does it perfectly

I’m not a hard core smoker cause of my allergies but this pen makes it so nice. The battery has three intensities enabling you to adjust the dosage on your draw. The lowest setting was perfect for me and the Mandarin taste was really good. This blows the other pens I’ve used away.
This is so awesome to hear!! It's really important to us to be able to cater to people like you! This is where quality and attention to detail really matters. Allergies can be a big issue when it comes to vapes based on the terpene profile and ratio used. We are always making sure to take these kind of fine details into account during the research and development of our products (stay tuned for much more) =)) And we created our adjustable battery to provide an option and enjoyable experience for all =)) I'm so stoked about this review because it touches on some of our main intentions and goals=)) It's amazing to hear that we were able to make you happy and even get a positive review!! =)) Thank you so much for taking your time. We appreciate the feedback GREATLY=)
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Loving this!

The flavor, the monster battery rocked my world. Talk about a big hit, this one gets you there and fast. Sour Apricot is my fave.
Hi DitaVonTrees, that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the review and for chilin' with us!
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