Fruit Stripe - Ice Water Hash

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Rosin Tech Labs presents: Fruit Stripe Ice Water Hash


Ice Water Hash is a collection of trichome glands from a cannabis plant. Ice Water Hash is created by freezing the trichomes of the plant material via ice and water followed by gentle agitation to cleanly break the trichome heads and stalks off of the plant without bursting them. 

Once the trichomes have been broken away from the plant material, they stay suspended in the ice water. The trichome-rich water is then filtered through a series of screens to effectively separate the trichome glands based on size. Depending on the strain, the majority of desirable ice water hash is found in the range of 70 and 160 microns. 

To finish, all of the ice water hash is separately collected and placed in a freeze dryer to extract the water from the trichomes while preserving the delicate qualities of the material. 

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