Platinum OG (AAAA)

ndica Dominant Hybrid -80% Indica / 20% Sativa Platinum OG is an indica dominant hybrid that claims itself to be one of the heaviest strains on the market. A three way cross of Master Kush, OG Kush and another unknown parent strain – Platinum OG produces a calming body buzz, coupled with a strong euphoria that uplifts mood and crushes anxiety. This strain possesses a smell that resembles diesel fumes, with undertones of coffee and spice – that carries through to the palette once smoked. Best enjoyed at night or after a long day, Platinum OG immediately consumes the user – sedating the body, while inducing couch-lock. General body aches and pains will diminish as euphoria builds within the mind – leaving the user in a state of pure happiness before lulling the user into a peaceful, deep sleep. Platinum OG has been used to treat conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain due to inflammation, mood swings, muscle spasms, migraines and low mood.

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