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4 stars

Best loud I had

The guys always answers me and gets me the best of the best will always order from him

He is so rude and has garbage weed

I picked up from from two weeks ago .. he gave me some bud that smelled like bush and was supposed to be high THC and a good indica strain. But unfortunately this was a weed that gave me a headache and nauseous once I hit a toke of my blunt it was disgusting I had to throw it out. Usually a weed smoker would not throw it out what they have rolled but it wasn’t smokable and I legit threw away the weed.* Comes to this week I said I would give him a second chance my usual guy wasn’t around and I wanted very little until he was back.* I message this guy to ask in regards to which one his his best strain at the moment I always go to special delivery and I bug him with my questions and even hooks me up ontop of it * This guy had the courage to tell me your asking the same thing like you either want it or no.. Sorry for asking and knowing what I’m paying is worth my money not like last time. I never write reviews don’t bother to But truly everyone this guy is a waste of time and money


Very fast delivery , took 20 min, I ordered Purple Urkle and Bubba Kush , that was fire , and good prices. Driver was super cool guy and polite . Definitely gonna order from them again.

Nice Man

Very good product nice people I ordered New platinum cookies and Purple Goo BC quad very high-quality products and nice drivers he delivered in 15 minutes thanks again


Ordered Quads for try loved Amazing product first delivery thank you...


First delivery nice drivers good product all Friend’s love it we order again 100 %


Great product very good price and very nice people deliver it in a one hour how the promise I ordered again


first time I ordered from these guys it was great, 20 mins and I had my order. second time ordering from then has been a nightmare. told my order will arrive between 1 and 1:30, I get a text saying 5 mins and I'm outside for 10 just to get a text saying I missed my driver... when I called to straighten it out, they were very very rude, blaming me for missing them. but how can I miss a driver that never showed up to my house?

Mouth *****

They shouldn't even get one star!!! I got 2 orders of 10 pre rolled joints for $45 each off them and they gave me mouth herpes!!! I tried to talk to them they said they would give me $10 off my next $45 but that was the best they could do since they were just the driver.... I wanted to talk to the owner but he wouldnt talk to me!!!On top of that where was stuff mixed with the weed in the joints. They were all poorly rolled and there wasn't as much weed in them as they said there would be!!


I swear this guy was at my house within 20 minutes of ordering. Fast delivery and great quality bud. Will definitely order again!

Weeds proper

Kevin ontario just mad cause his dukes sniffed and snatched his loud pack 😂

the worst experience

this guy brought a jar of bush weed .. and parked infront of my parents house with no discreet or respect ... people listen.. i’m the type a guy to smoke a nice fat blunt after work everyday .. this guy made me feel like i wasted my fucking money .: i asked him for something strong and he lied .. before i could say i don’t want it he sped off .. i feel scammed .. do NO BUY FROM THIS GUY ..

Nice stuff

Good Quality, fresh flower, good containers, good response time & delivery — just take out the white widow from ur MENU if u don’t have it. Rest all good full recommended 🔥


Good quality stuff, perfect service, really enjoyed!!!

The best guys 👌🏻

I recently got THC Frost from this guys and the quality and the quantity of products are the best 👌🏻 Guys are very nice, fast and professional!!! Highly recommend!!!


Just like the other review says, the drive aka the one man runner (owner) gave me a gram short. I’m not asking for more but it WASN’T 28g in total. Man thinks his slick. That’s not how you do business. There are plenty of weed dealers, I’d rather pay a bit more than having someone doing nasty business like him. He’s gonna keep losing customers.


Actual joke of a place. I order twice from here. First time isnt too shabby yet the second I receive not 2 grams off my half ounce but instead 6 Grams. I still tried to contact them about it today yet, and he replied with a straight up no. I told then about the incident that occured and they just replied with “We never do and have a good day” Other than that, this place is a joke and think they are slick by finessing ppl by giving them mason jars. LOL

Rude delivery people

Ordered here for the first time and it will definitely be the last time. Normally when i have weed delivered the delivery person will come to the door. Instead their delivery person parked in the middle of my street, blcoking traffic, with music blasting. Basically annoucing to my whole neighbourhood that I was orering weed. When told it made me uncomfortable he very rudely says "this is the way it is." Pot was some of the worst I've ever had. Joints need to be re-lit every other puff and tastes awful. I would avoid this place if I were you

Fast delivery

Delivered within 20 mins. Came in a glass jar Smells and tastes amazing Professional and quick to reply

Great service and bud!

Speedy delivery within half hour of ordering. Great prices for great bud! Good variety/menu to choose from. Highly recommend!!