Canndescent Calm 134 1/8th

Product description

Calm 134 quiets the mind allowing for gentle relaxation and soulful contemplation.

3.5g of virgin cannabis whole flower. Cultivated with purified water and organic pest management, our ultra-premium flower is grown in customized environments based on stage and strain. We flush, dry, and cure for over 30 days. We pick by stem, trim by hand, and never touch the flower. This 1/8th oz of premium virgin cannabis comes in our signature orange box, complete with hempwick, and a humidifier pack to make your flower last longer.

FlowerIndicaRelaxedSleep SoundlySleepyTHCTHC-DominantTHCA
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4 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars

Some gas

That sh!t fire creamy tasty hits one of the best tasting bud i ever had
2 months ago
3 stars

I paid $50 for this?

Have had better weed for less.
6 months ago
5 stars


If I could write a love letter to a strain of cannabis, it would be this one. The onset is gentle, bathing one is a sweet glow of peace and relaxation with an uplift a of happiness. It has enabled me to interact peacefully, magnanimously even, under circumstances that I usually find irritating (the Hubs binge watching "Moonshiners," for example). It's also great when doing crafts - I'm relaxed and if I balance my consumption, I can still follow a knitting or needlepoint pattern. This strain is a consistent winner, sticky, fragrant, and smooth on the draw.
4 months ago
5 stars


the bud is sticky and is soft and taste good and looks good
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