Presidential Moon Rock Blunt - Watermelon (1.5g)

Product description

Your Presidential Blunt consists of Top-Shelf Organic Flower INFUSED with Premium THC Distillate and then Coated in the Highest Quality Kief. Our innovative proprietary infusion process enables us to permeate the flower all the way to the stem! Our Moonrocks our ground and wrapped in a 100% tobacco FREE blunt wrap!


Presidential is committed to creating the most innovative, highest quality cannabis products guaranteed to deliver a reliable and consistent dose with each use.



Blunt WrapEuphoricFocusedIndicaMotivate Your MindRelaxedSleep SoundlySleepyTHCTingly
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3 reviews

2 years ago
5 stars


Yeah . I Voted. I look for these bad boys. Hits Good. Burns nice pace. flavors are t10000% here !! And body and head feel excellent . If u can handle it ,, dare u 2 finish one solo . idk but everyone of these I have had in all these flavors. Bomb. I also tried the prerolls and moonrocks. .Excellent guys "Boyzinho"- Whe WeedTube
7 months ago
5 stars

One of my favorites

This blunt hits just right and lasts long. You gotta roll it a little to loosen up tight spots like any other pre roll and it’s golden after that. The flavor is bangin and the high is chill as hell, not too aggressive.
3 years ago
2 stars


This blunt is too hard to hit. It’s too right and I feel like I’m just burning the weed and not hitting shit. Flavor is there tho
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