Berry Fire

Product description

From the moment you open the jar, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat. Berry Fire is a wonderfully heady strain that’s sure to put your mind at ease. Sweet blueberry flavors are then taken over by a rich earthy finish that provides a deliciously smooth smoking experience. Berry Fire will remind you of a relaxing summer evening where all your worries feel a little farther away. Perfect for getting yourself out of a funk, just like a big slice of blueberry pie.


Feelings: Calming, Relaxing 


Flavor: Blueberry, Earthy, Herbal 


Usage: Destressing, Winding Down, Chilling Out


Lineage: Hellfire x Ponche Nuevo

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5 reviews

25 days ago
5 stars

Accurately Named Strain.

Smells just as described - a powerful berry aroma, with earthy undertones. As far as fire, I would say that 22% THC is the beginning of that range designation. It’s def fire based on the insanely low price! I’ve been smoking for a while now and have never seen so much complaining about great weed lol.
3 months ago
4 stars

GH truly the best! A-

Great flavor. A little less OG heavy. I prefer OGs so... This is like a tie for 3rd or it's my 3rd fav and GG gets bumped down to 4th here's my ranking: 1. fire OG!!!! 2. true OG!!! 3. prob berry fire 4. GG 5. Hell fire 6. chocolate chip 7. wifi OG maybe I'd move GG up. But as you can see lol I still think it's a very good strain from them.
2 months ago
2 stars


Didn’t like this strain. Very mild high. It’s not sweet at all, very piney and unpleasant smoke
13 days ago
1 star


Dont get me wrong it great for the price. Dont buy right now SO DRY IT TURNS IN TO DUST
22 days ago
1 star


They told me they don’t sell dry weed but that’s all I spent my money on never again
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