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4.1 stars

Lying delivery drivers.

After a few text exchanges I am given a 45 minute eta. Great, or so I thought. At the 45 minute mark I’m not given a call or eta so I text the number, the person says the driver will contact me soon. 10 minutes later, I get a text saying they are here. When I go outside, they are not here. I text again, asking where they are. No reply. I wait 2 minutes. I call, and it’s a dude that sounds like he just shot up heroine saying he thinks he is in the wrong place. He asks for my address and I tell him, he goes “oh man, they left one number out of the address I’m 15 minutes away”. I’m a little annoyed. I go into my maps and look for the address he claims he was given and there’s no such thing. The only address that comes up is mine. 1 Star for being lied to, upon delivery I’m handed my order with my name and exact address on a sticker attached to the bag.

I got scammed by budhut

I ordered a 500mg sugar stoned edible . when I got the delivery I saw that the 500mg was just a sticker on top of the original dosage which is 150 mg and I paid for 500 mg . thank you bud hut for scamming me and teaching a lesson . I strongly suggest other users to use other deliver companies like kushagram is a good one but budhut definitely is the worst one.

Everyone is Tripping

Don’t listen to all these zero or one star reviews, this place isn’t a scam. This place has great products and a very helpful staff. Anyone who rated this place a zero has no friends, just saying.


Moved to LA not too long ago. People complain about taxes and then go to places like this. Their bud has sticks and stems. The Cali Plug weed is dry, not tested, and smells like fish. Save your time and money and get real products. Not this gross delivery service. 0 out of 5 stars.


It's a shame they don't have real products. That Cali plug weed landed my friend in the hospital. He tested positive for pesticides. Just looking out for potential customers. The person below me might sound mad, but at least their telling the truth. Cali Plug is in no way a legal brand, with legal testing. Think of buying real weed and not Cali plug products that'll land you in a hospital with bills much more than taxes.


Anyone that supports Cali plug is a lame. Go on YouTube and listen to him brag about his illegal sales. He buys his bud from 3rd party, pays college kids dirt cheap to make packaging and he rebrands it. There's audio of this guy bragging about ripping people off for light dep bud. Where's the thc testing? The compliance is 0. Someone's going to report your business. It's a shame this place supports his brand. Clearly they enjoy scamming too. If you order from here you'll either get boof or dirt.


I tried to order until I was told the minimum for my area was $75 and not $50. They're only 1mi away from me so how sway? definitely lost a first time customer.

great place for delivery

the people of bud hut are so awesome. they're really on top of their game here. love the prices, choices, and product is always on point. thanks budhut, you guys rock!!

Great delivery !

Real 5 star delivery never dissatisfied!

Happy 4th 🎆🔥🚩

FTP they take care of you flower here is fire quick response fast delivery DEFINITELY COMING BACK 🙌🙌🙌

Poor Customer Service

I found this place through Weedmaps. Read a little about the poor reviews but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Biggest waste of time. I placed an order around 7:00 p.m. Confirmed the amount & wasn’t even given a ETA after reviewing my order so I assumed a 60 min eta. They didn’t bother to send me an update till I contacted them about an hour later. They offered their apologies & said the order before mine was “cancelled” and the driver would be directed to me in 20-30 min, so now it’s 9:30 & no driver. I issued a cancellation & no feedback nor apology was handed out to be for the 3 hour delay. I’m a very patient person but this was totally out of line & this is the way you lose a customer. Communicate to your clients!!!! Don’t take orders you can’t fulfill & look for better management. ✌🏼

Worst Delivery Experience EVER

I called last night to check about what payment options they take and the best way to order and was told texting would be the fastest service. After having to repeatedly text to get my order sorted (none of their inventory was accurate), I finally got an order confirmed an hour and 15 minutes later. An hour and 20 minutes after that, they cancelled the order, now past the time most dispensaries are open. They did nothing to appease the situation, and didn't bother to acknowledge their terrible customer service and response rate. Shout out to Dope Girls LA for hooking it up after hearing about my awful experience... and btw they have delivery too ;)

Fuckin awesome

Thank you guys

I'm in love

I'm terribly in love with this place

Awesome service!! A+

I bought a Kingpen and some 🔥 caliplug bag. Highly recommend BUDHUT!!!


Budhut is the only place that i found who sells CaliPlug !!! That weed was the best that i ever tried. The lady on the phone honestly said that ETA will be around 2 hours, but honestly for that grade of weed i could have wait even longer. PS they also give me a couple of extras to make up for the wait!!!! Thank you guys:)


I have ordered from budhut locations before with little to no issue but this last time was it for me. I’ll never order from them again, and you should think twice before you do either. They claim to have the King Pen 1g carts 2 for $55. So I order 6 because it seems like a damn good deal. I also order a few packages of Wally drops. When I finally meet the guy almost an hour after the confirmed meeting time I get the goods and go about my day. When I open the package to see if anything was missing I was completely shocked to find that all 6 of the vape carts were not sealed as I KNOW they come. So this leads me to believe that these people are putting their own oils into the cartridges and claiming that they are “King Pen” when it is very clear that they are not. Aside from the carts, the “Wally drops” were a brand I’ve never seen before. When I order something I expect to get THAT exact product. Not a tampered with package and definitely not a different name brand.

Worst delivery service on here

10/10 would not recommend. Be careful guys. If you want to order from here make sure to leave the whole day empty. Don’t even bother making plans or thinking about doing anything that day because your stuff won’t arrive in reasonable time. Every time I have ordered from here they are hours late. They give an eta of 90 minutes and then take 2-3 times as long. Absolutely ridiculous. I advise everyone to take their business elsewhere.

Do Not Order From Here - Trash

Hands down the worst weed I’ve ever gotten in LA. It had so many seeds in it I can’t believe they would give it to customers and I literally asked for “The Best Hybrid you have”. I had to get another bag that’s seriously how terrible it was. There are 100s of delivery services around the area DO NOT waste your time here. USE ANYONE ELSE!

Best delivery service in hollywood

Great deals customer service and will work out deals for yku 10/10 shop