805 Glue 1 Gram Full Spectrum Vaporizer

$60.00per 1 g
Product description

The 805 Glue 1 gram All-In-One Full Spectrum Vaporizer contains a full gram of cured resin.  Cured resin develops the most complex and matured flavors that accurately reflect the real experience of smoking our premium cured 805 Glue flower.  Full spectrum extracts are derived from a single source strain.  This product is CANNABIS ONLY - no additives, modifiers, flavors or non-cannabis "botanical" terpenes.

These disposable vaporizers come charged and ready to use!  While not necessary, they can also be recharged as desired with a standard micro usb to ensure that you will always have sufficient battery power for the strength of the draws you prefer and for the entire duration of the 1 full gram of cured resin inside.

The devices are manufactured in a cGMP and ISO 9001 certified facility.  The oil touching components are tested and certified to applicable FDA CFR standards.  The mouthpiece is made from medical grade BPA free plastic.  All components are RoHS tested.  The construction is a stainless steel vent tube with a ceramic coil with a natural cotton saturation barrier.

Each and every device is tested post filling to ensure it reaches the consumer in perfect working order.

The oil quality is an ultra-low temperature non-volatile full spectrum extract.  The fats waxes are removed via proprietary ultra-low temperature winterisation and filtering process to maintain integrity of the full spectrum extract.  It's true strain-specific extraction, each batch contains nothing but the strain being produced.  The biomass is supplied from a single source Pacific Stone farm with no added distillate.  Each vaporizer is tested 3 times during the extraction process: pre-extraction biomass test, pre-filling test and CA Cat 3 Compliance tested.  


Disposable805 GlueDieselEarthyHappyHungryHybridRelaxedWoody

More about this strain: 805 Glue

805 Glue is a cultivar by Pacific Stone created by crossing 805 with GG#4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4). It first appeared in Southern California areas with the 805 telephone area code, hence the name.

The top reported aromas of the 805 Glue strain are earth and sour citrus. It is said to taste of skunk and soil.

805 Glue is a cultivar by Pacific Stone created by crossing 805 with GG#4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4). It first appeared in Southern California areas with the 805 telephone area code, hence the name.

The top reported aromas of the 805 Glue strain are earth and sour citrus. It is said to taste of skunk and soil.

Top reported strain effects

  • Happy

  • Relaxed

  • Hungry

Top reported strain flavors

  • Woody

  • Diesel

  • Earthy

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15 reviews

3 months ago
3 stars


The pen arrived with no charge, but I was able to charge it without any trouble. Worked great for a little while - excellent concentrate - but about halfway through the pen clogged and was INCREDIBLY hard to use after that. Would not buy again.
2 months ago
1 star

Don't buy

Tastes like crap, battery voltage is too high causing every hit to burn... I love this companies products.. but this disposable is trash. I would give it Zero Stars if I could. Truth be told it's only good for a return. I love vaping... but can't stand the burnt taste. It even irritated the throat... SMH I should have just gone with the cartridge. At least then I can use my battery which is appropriate voltage. I wanted to give the disposables a chance but never again!
5 stars

Great Hybrid/Great Concentrate

I only step lightly into hybrids, I prefer body heavy indicas but I love GG and the Pacific Stone 805Glue is great! It hits the head just a bit so you have a sense of brightness, but not so much head you feel anxious/paranoid. A nice overall feel, perfect choice for fun activities. And the pen its self so cool! Simple sleek design with a soft matte finish feel nice in the hand. And it’s labeled so you know what strain it is!! I immediately bought another one 💜💜💜🌬
1 year ago
5 stars


Do you love the beautiful buds Pacific Stone's been serving up? Then open your wallet and get yourself one of their new vape pens! Try one and you'll want to try them all. I'm on the hunt for the rest of the indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties ASAP. Pacific Stone's 805 Glue disposable vape is everything you love about the flower in a smooth vape cloud AND with a rechargeable battery. Might very possibly replace my fav vape brands. Recharge, inhale, and exhale a little happier with these new Pacific Stone vapes, highly recommended. 5/5 🔥
3 months ago
5 stars

Affordable, tasty and potent

$20 for 1 full gram of live resin?? count me in lol AND it even has a recharge port .
10 months ago
5 stars

Great deal

Great high and I like how you can recharge it despite it being disposable.
10 months ago
5 stars

love product

had a great experience with this pen. first ad for most, it gets you really high. the pen is made well, and can be charged just in case it dies before you finish your gram.
10 months ago
5 stars

Absolutely DELICIOUS

I bought an eighth of this and I bought the Vape at the same time. They were both delicious. You cannot go wrong with Pacific Stone. Through and through, from taste to high. Pacific Stone is my go-to for flower and now for vape too!!!
10 months ago
5 stars

Tastes great!!

Nice one Pacific Stone!! Best live resin vape I have tried so far! Great uplifting high that didn't lock me to the couch and enabled me to get my daily tasks done with a smile! Can't wait to give the other strains a try!
1 year ago
5 stars

Tasty high

4 stars

A dispo that actually hits

My tolerance is pretty high so it takes me a good amount of trial and error before I find products that work for me. I have tried alot of dispos and prefilled oil devices. This one actually surprised me! Took a couple blinkers out of the package (like 3-5 seconds) and had me coughing a pretty good amount. The initial onset happened after the 4th hit and by the 6th I was good for about 2-3 hours before needing to re medicate. Rid me of my anxiety and headaches for that time period. very uplifting high.
1 year ago
4 stars

Smooth creeper

I bought the new hybrid disposable and I really enjoy its design and the draw is only a 6or a 7 out of 10 but the high creeps up nice after about 3 puffs and the taste is wonderful this is a perfect anytime anywhere high not overwhelming but just right I will definitely try out the indica next
10 months ago
3 stars

Thc: 71.57%. Batch: 0424

805 Glue live resin has a slightly present taste and mild flavor but misses the mark in other areas. These areas include thin oil, although dark and pretty hue burns quickly. There's also small view hole but its basically there to let you know your almost done. The battery is uneven with sometimes short hits, long hits or none at all. It also cuts off between 3-5 seconds which is sometimes not enough with these problems. At 71 % thc this oil had no punch and was more of a heavy buzz and one that stays for an episode. The packaging is also cheap with its plastic see thru pouch and needs more information on it regarding the oil other than thc percentages. The pricing is an issue although this at a discount price like their bud would be a gamechanger but currently its above the standard. The indicator lights are at the bottom of the device and unviewable when hitting? A few changes to the hardware, oil strength, and price is needed to have a more polished experience. Its a pass.
4 months ago
3 stars

It’s good but do not buy for more than 40$

I’ve seen a lot of dispensaries, specifically SugarBudz who got the nerve to charge 60$ when almost other shops have them for 40$ or less. Ik it depends where you live but this is mids, not even their flower is overpriced like this!! It’s good if you low budget but mids!
3 months ago
1 star

Device DOA

Can't speak to the quality of the concentrate, as my vape was dead on arrival with a full gram sitting in it, wasted. Attempting to charge brings on on 3 solid blue lights on the bottom, however, attempting to hit it results in no vapor and flashing blue which can only be seen in a mirror or very dark room. Extremely disappointed; a complete waste of $50 and a tease to boot: looking at the full cart and no way to smoke it. Big time fail, Pacific Stone. Your flower is fine... maybe stick to that. I'll not be buying again.
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