$60.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Lineage: MAC (FC cut) x Italian Ice

Aroma: Fresh dough, mint, palate-cleansing Lime

Flavor: Bright mint, citrus, and Fuel

Effect: Hybrid, Indica-leaning

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4 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars


This 🔥Weed got me stoned hahha. I just smoked this right now. What a wonderful indica hybrid. Love the indica effects! Nice and heavy just how I love it. But also With a head high to tho oh yeah that head high. Alright let’s get into this review! Let’s talk about the appearance first. Nice Thicc and Fluffy nugs. She Thicc. You can definitely see Italian ice and Mac in there. Trichome city dawg! She Shine bright like a diamondddd awoahh uhhh. Now the aroma. Aye SON she hit me with a Wapahhh! Smack the lip and say bahhhhh! Immediately upon opening the jar you get that Minty lime deliciousness. Now the high. I felt an immediate uplift but with a soothing body stone washing through. The head high is quite strong. I started to feel creative and slightly motivated. I wanted to do things and be productive. But that body high kept me in place. It’s also 1:40 am haha. Man I am super relaxed. That is a lovely tingly body high. I also got the giggles and that is a major Plus! Laughter. I love to laugh. I need to laugh a lot more tho. Gotta enjoy this life. 10/10
2 months ago
5 stars

Pheno Hunt

Another customer @Catalyst/Eastside that was behind me in line recommended I try this. Glad I listened to him. Floracal has the the best looking flower in the industry. Like the other two reviews. The buds look perfect. The taste is evenly balanced. Italian Ice x Mac. This is the perfect cross. I know it’s part of the Pheno Hunt series so this has to be a keeper.
3 months ago
1 star

where is the weight

labeling each item as each,.doesnt really help when you want to know what the weight is
4 months ago
5 stars

FloraCal MACaroon

FloraCal doesn’t disappoint again with their 30.95% THC MACaroon strain. The smell is kind of piney and a little fruity. This is FloraCal’s Pheno Hunt Series, whatever that means. The nugs are VERY impressive to look at as they are completely frosted and glisten in the light. There are so many deep trichomes on the buds that it appears as if the buds are almost literally dripping in THC. This is as good or slightly better than FloraCal’s Sonoma Cake which is another great strain from them. At $40 per 1/8th I HAVE to recommend this to anybody who is a heavy daily smoker looking for a reasonably priced 8th that could easily be $74 like Alien Labs. You will be glad you did. FloraCal is good bud.
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