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4.2 stars

Good company

Great value
Cannabis Kings

My Favourite in the city


had to find a different place

I used to rate these guys at first. over time my confidence in them broke. they never give wut u order unless it was that garbage Mexican Kush. long wait times nd terrible response times too. had to find a better place. I now grab from simpleGTA check it out lol can't go wrong with free gifts

Worth it!

Been using them for 6 months and the smoke is consistently good. The pricing is the best around! Delivery is reliable. Great customer service.
Lady Karma

Honestly the truth

Me and my mom smoke a lot lot of weed these guys are really helping out the people who can’t afford expensive weed. $100 ounces with a bunch of strains this is the best option for people with a low budget. Thanks to you guys all us people who aren’t rich get to smoke big blunts. Keep up the good work . Appreciate it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


They sell the same China bud and market it as other strains. I dropped $260 on an ounce and it was nothing close to what I ordered based on the pictures alone. Brown and orange and smelled like it came straight from a cows rear end. I messaged them and told them I maybe received the wrong order and they told me to “try it it’s good”. Never buy off these people.

great weed ........trash delivery time

great weed and prices .......but delivery sucks was told 3 which turned to 430 then at 10 to 5 was messaged again saying 530 and anytime delivery was late wasnt told until after the delivery time passed .......simple solution hire more drivers (still received between delivery)

Long delivery time for BS weed

They sell the same bullsh*t strains over and over disguising under different names and fake pictures. I can’t even tell you how many times I received brown buds that smell like hash and sweat. These guys are a joke. Spend your money elsewhere, but if you really do want to buy from them, go for the most expensive strains ( even then they’ll still f*ck you over sometimes ) because the cheap ones are the left over buds that used to make Wax/ or the sh*t weed grown outside/ anything that’s to be thrown. Make me want to set these guys up so they stop ripping people off.


A lot of different varieties with amazing prices.

Not worth it

The wait times are long man placed my order on the 2nd delivery time. That came at like 12am! Horrible.

Totally killing it!

I just want to say if you are not sure you want to purchase from these guys and are looking for a bit of knowledge, for the last four months i have been ordering from this amazing organization and have never been left wanting. The quality is on spot and the price is to die for! They are literally the best! I have ordered the 100$ and the 125$ and even the mexican kush for 75$ i have never been disappointed, considering i have smoked for eighteen years the potency is perfect for me. I will be ordering the "red congo" and the "el chapo" and i am soo excited i cant wait to try them both lol. Everyone at bud central thank you soo much and i just want to say you are doing a great job!!!!

First Time Order

They arrived exactly when they said they would, and I was happy with my order. The prices are excellent and the bud was fresh!

Happy customer all the time

Buying from these gyz from time now always make me happy ❤❤❤❤
Cannabis Kings

Best in the GTA

Omg the prices and buds are awesome. I am a person looking for descent bud at a reasonable price and these guys are brilliant. Thanks Mate 👍👍👍👍

The last 3 reviews, Bang on

First of all ya I'm vex, and there are many reasons. DO NOT! buy the Mexican (/BS) Kush, as the bud I recieved, sadly an oz! was brown in colour! Golden/Yellow okay, but, brown? smelt like puke, tasted like puke. So I made oil. Take a wild guess where this trauma ends, well, it still tasted like puke. So Fri/Aug 30 due to thier "delivery" guidelines,np, place my order before 2:30pm..sweet, get a text, "Between 3-6pm? OK" I'm thinking duh? that's what you've established as your regulated delivery times? , shít you not, it's past 6:10! So i text, more or less saying wtf, 3.5hrs later (Scarborough Based)"Sorry for the inconvenience, be there in 1/2hr", so basically their 3rd delivery window.FOH. Never again. You started off nice, but now it's a circus. placed a next order, different place, was here in 30 minutes.... These other reviews below mine, encouraged me to call this, um, sham out. Bud Central get at me when you're managed proper

Different bud every time I pick up.

The first time I picked up was decent bud for 125. And every time I order that same bud I keep on getting China bud instead. -.- also bought a disposable vape they have it advertised as 1ml but it’s only 0.5 ml. False advertising.

First time never the same after

First time i bought, it was gas. Every time after , it wasn’t the greatest . They say the best prices in Scarborough but that’s incorrect. Your basically buying bush , suits the price. I can find other tenders that have better herb. 200$ for gas, i never took the risk. I bought a pen , 45$ , it said a gram of oil i was guessing it ment 1 ml. It was only .5 ml disappointed. Only thing good was 40$ free delivery. Frustrated freddy Bush


Shitty weed unreliable delivery spot I’ve reviews are fake these guys should get robbed 😈😈😈


the bud is nothing like it is in the pics. not AAA quality, all the 125/oz strains are lower quality China bud. only thing is that delivery was quick and it was big nugs

1st timer

great service!,they had everything I asked for off the menu,quality buds,awesome delivery guy!