Fire OG

(aka Fire OG)  This crown jewel of the OG phenotypes is renowned for its potency, flavor, and over all exquisite quality. Being known as one of the most finicky of all the OG's, this strain needs a great deal of attention to detail and love to produce some of the finest flowers for the elite connoisseur. For over a decade REAL Cultivator has meticulously crafted special recipes to address the needs of this incredible gift from the innovative breeders of the early OG years to produce an incredibly potent flower. Total THC for this strain has tested as high as 29%.  The Sativa dominant characteristics of this hybrid shows in the garden as well as in the effects when enjoyed. It hits hard in the body and the head while creating an overall state of euphoria. A creative, thought provoking, sense of motivation makes this strain ideal for socializing and enjoying a great conversation (when used in smaller dosages). The flavor of Fire is that of a sweet lemon citrus candy. The taste leaves you craving more as it is so delicious.

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