Shotgun OG

$40.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Extremely potent and uplifting, Shotgun OG (Alien Kush x Tahoe OG) will help you relax to the max. This strain delivers a super happy cerebral buzz, met with an intense full-body high, perfect for an evening of Magnum PI reruns. A mix of fresh, sweet and spicy flavors, this indica strain is a surefire winner for anyone who’s settled legs-up in their recliner and just looking to chillax.

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53 reviews

8 months ago
4 stars

Pretty chill OG

4/5 Quality and High
11 months ago
4 stars

not as nice as Maven but for price it does great

Nice buzz, not as manicured as maven nugs but I like it, just wish that sometimes they would sell things by the 1/2 or full ounce.
2 years ago
3 stars

Half gram short

The Bud was okay nice taste okay high But it doesn't last long and my bag was short a .4 not good business at all.
11 months ago
3 stars

Shotgun OG from Fun Uncle

Shotgun OG is a potent evening flower. Very dry, small, odorless nugs with high thc%. I ain't gonna lie; it's a very dry and rough smoke!!! I will buy a few more to inspect the consistency of the flower. People say this is Alien OG?! Enjoy!
1 year ago
3 stars


Small nugs, dry, but taste is not bad.
1 year ago
3 stars

short the

its super dry and when i place the order the grand total was 30 when i pick it up was 40 not worth it and im sure its few points short
1 year ago
2 stars

It's aright..

Perhaps I'm a heavyweight but this did relatively little for myself. The high is extremely subtle as it takes a couple of bowls for effect. It does have a nice lemony flavor I'll give it that. Personally, I feel as though it does pack a pleasant lil' body high, however, not as potent as the description suggests.
1 star

Raised the price to $35 an 1/8th

I loved this weed when it was $25 for an 1/8 and everything else around in that price was dry bunk, at $30 they were bumping up against all the premium jarred 1/8ths. Its popular now at $35 its like not even fun to smoke because its costing me 10/hr to get high 5 times or so and the math is not making sense anymore. we used to get 5 gram deals all day long for $35. I was spending close to $500 a month on this flower and i'm going to look for a new brand super bummed out because this is good stuff i can't support price hikes right now.
11 months ago
1 star

Flower is absolutely horrible.

All the reviews for this flower are fake. Not one verified purchase. The flower has no smell whatsoever. Super dry and mind you the package date was 10/1/2020. Not even a month and it's super trash. Comes in a plastic bag literally a plastic bag. Save your money and grab something else. Caliva company is garbage.
4 months ago
1 star

Taste horrible

Never had some indoor that taste like outdoor but this definitely takes the cake.
10 months ago
1 star

Order not received

I wouldn’t know what this is like because I didn’t get it. I was told at the time of delivery, the driver didn’t have it. I will not give Uplyft another opportunity to do this to me again.
7 months ago
1 star


Never came I didnt receive no type of notification I called the "High times" multiple times no answer I would never ever order from this spot again.!!!
2 years ago
5 stars

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