Green Apple BIIIT - Sour Straws

Product description

Both deliciously sweet and sour, our cannabis-infused Sour Straws are consistently dosed and low in calories. Each sour straw contains 10MG of THC. The tube shape is easy to half making them ideal for micro-dosing. Start with one piece and wait 90-120 minutes for full effect.


● 100MG Total THC

● 10MG Per Serving

● Safely packaged in child resistant tins

GummiesLow DosageTHC
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6 reviews

24 days ago
5 stars

Tasted great

I dunno, I feel like since all edibles are 100MG I don't really understand how there's a difference of "high" between products. And also how the same person that says "oh well edibles work differently with every person" to that question, is also the same person complaining like crazy. I honestly had a stronger than average reaction to these Stiiizy eddies and really liked the taste, which did get a lot weed taste stronger by the 3rd can, but thats pretty much all edibles, even Wyld. So I was surprised to see the other reviews...and honestly it's more of a 4 star, good product, but decided to throw a 5....just
3 months ago
5 stars


I really liked the taste of these edibles. Nice mellow high 👍🏽
12 months ago
1 star

Not worth it

They don’t hit took 5 and felt nothing
3 months ago
1 star

Didnt hit

I took the whole pack didn’t feel a thing. I love this brand for there pods but damm this was trash.
9 months ago
1 star

Nothing so far.

Got recommend this because they were all out of smokies and another brand. He said I would feel it over the other ones. It tasted like actual sour straw with zero THC. I could have bought actual sour straw from the store and it would have been better. Thanks, Florin Wellness Center.
4 months ago
1 star


Ate alf the pack before my flight, felt nothing.
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